Sequins & Stripes: What’s in a number?

Not a whole lot, actually. Women clothing sizing is one of the most irrational, unpredictable and inconsistent measuring systems known to (wo)mankind. And yet somehow, there’s so much value and meaning tied up in what number your body fits in. It’s so hard to avoid the hype of fitting into a certain number, despite noble efforts to resist. I (Sequins) have the pretty standard body-acceptance issues that float out there in the universe. It’s a work in progress. This post, though, isn’t about that. It’s about celebrating who I am and what I look like, and celebrating Stripes’ gorgeous figure as well. We’re linking up with Nearsighted Owl’s I’m Proud of My Size to share our sizes, and to love on our bodies a bit.

This photo makes me laugh, because it definitely looks like we’re right about to do something drastic, like flash the camera or turn into monsters. Yes, those are the directions my brain goes in. We’re not doing anything drastic, though. Or at least, it shouldn’t be drastic. There should be nothing embarrassing or gasp-worthy about sharing your clothing size. And a wagged finger at all of the elements of society that would say otherwise!

Despite the fact that it shouldn’t be hard to share your size, it kind of is. We’ve mystified the woman body and made talking about it a huge taboo. But why? On the rational level, it really makes no sense at all and since we’re so clearly rational people over here (ok, some of the time anyways) we decided it was time to stop being caught up on “the rule” that you don’t talk about the pant size and just embrace health, because that’s what it all comes down to-health.

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before (this is Stripes speaking now), I have a million and a half food allergies (ok, more like a smidge under 30) and ever since getting my diagnosis, my body image has shifted. While I still have my hang ups (do you really ever get over all of them?) I have really learned to embrace my health and focus on being happy. And what’s happier than an allergen free cookie whenever I want one? (The answer is practically nothing…except if that cookie comes with a side of chocolate and bacon…OH GOD YES). I definitely think that the focus needs to be less on the downfalls of the individual (for being too heavy or too thin) but rather on health and happiness because at the end of the day, what does anything else matter if you don’t have either one of those things?

In all honesty that’s why I’ve stuck with my [albeit expensive] allergen free diet, because it makes my body and mind feel amazing. Also, and we’re about to get real honest around here, while my body shape has been changing in the last couple months I still wear the exact same pants size which has suggested to me that I am at my body’s happy place. It doesn’t want to lose weight nor is it dying for anything. I think it was realizing this, that my body really just wants to be 136 lbs (yes I said it! also, I’ve been this same weight for the last 4 years despite periods of dieting, working out, and eating tons of unhealthy stuff) no matter how much I eat and how much I don’t eat, that really proved to me that the only thing that is relevant to my relationship with my body is how happy I feel at any given moment and that feeling is in no way tied to a number. I’ve been happy at my weight and I’ve been sad at my weight but regardless I love me, and I try my best to respect my body and strive to make it (and myself) happy.

I love this photoshoot, btw. I love how our very different personalities shine through in all their glory from how we styled ourselves. I’m wearing insane colors that shouldn’t go together along with a bold pattern and weird shoes because that’s who I am–I stand out, I don’t care about matching and I need color in my closet to survive. Whereas Stripes pulls off classy fashion with a pair of jeans–she makes it look so simple and easy, but I know it’s harder than it looks (note how I’m never in jeans, eh?). We’re both gorgeous and wonderful in our own ways, and let me tell you I have so much sympathy for those who are brave enough to do this post on their own blogs. It’s way easier when you get to say “we” instead of “I”.

I’m so there with ya! I don’t know that I would have been able to post my size in public like this if I didn’t have a buddy. But, you know what? It is freaking liberating! It feels great to let this little “secret” come to the open, because it’s a kind of silly thing to keep secret anyways, if you really think about it…it’s just a number. It means nothing about who you are as a person, what you’re capable of, and what you deserve in life. And I say, we all deserve to be happy!

I hope you consider joining up with this link-up. It’s been amazing and positive. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been loving the trend with the bloggers I read about throwing off the chains we attach to ourselves about what makes a person valuable, or beautiful, or “worthy”. The message of loving yourself for who you are, and being perfect in your flaws, is one I’m a big fan of!


4 responses to “Sequins & Stripes: What’s in a number?

  1. This is simply wonderful. I know now what I’m going to (attempt to) do on my Fashion Friday post today. 😀

    It’s so inspiring to see a movement like this come about. And even more wonderful that you two beautiful women have taken part in it! I absolutely agree: a woman’s worth should not be based on a size. There is so much more that makes up a woman, and it’s time the world take notice of that, too! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. I love this! and I love those red tights with that b&w skirt! (: beautiful! xo, katlyn (

  3. Awesome! This was such a neat link-up 🙂

  4. This is my favourite post I’ve seen in the Proud of My Size series. You two are so beautiful and cute in the way your interact together in one post. I’m so glad to have discovered your blog and to have you joining in on What to Wear. All the power to you for linking up. I’ve been meaning to since the start, but haven’t yet had a free blog day to devote to it. That’s me though, an over-planner who has a whole blog schedule that doesn’t allow much freedom. I think I might need to change that ASAP so I can get on the self-love bandwagon, though. It’s definitely a cause that I wholeheartedly support. (P.S. I’m a size 8 and I feel great, and I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!!)

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