Sequins: It Occurs To Me

I’ve never given you guys a good side shot of what my hair looks like. It’s a little radical, especially considering I’m in two weddings this summer, but the brides are being relaxed(ish) about it. I’m growing the top out to the point of being capable of curling it, which will look cute for wedding photos. I might even perm the top. The sides, however, which is what you miss most days, are shorn. Entirely. I had Monsieur help me with his beard trimmer (on the 4 setting) to shear me like a little lamb in springtime.

The top is totally long enough to french braid, albeit poorly. This makes me happier than I can even comprehend. I’m too self conscious to give you guys more than like one or two side profile shots, but I’ll try to fix that. Mostly because my hair is way cooler than any amount of self awareness should damper.


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