Stripes: Thank Goodness for Some Sunshine

Now that summer is finally in full swing out here in the great NW (it was almost 85 degrees the other day!!! a huge improvement from two weeks ago when we barely topped out at 60) I’ve been remembering all the reasons why summer is my favorite time of year which inspired me to actually write down a little list of these reasons because maybe you all (our lovely blog readers) might agree, and that way we can share our mutual happy!

-Longer days
-Warm sunshine on your skin
-Warm evening breezes
-Iced coffee
-Reading for fun (side note: I’ve been reading Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady and getting really into it! I adore that author)
-Turning the GPS off and just driving-the backroads around my home town are absolutely amazing and I caught the most beautiful sunset while getting myself rather lost in the forestry
-Fresh Fruit
-Rainer Cherries
-Sandal Weather
-Evening Runs by the Lake- Lesson learned yesterday: don’t do this after eating spaghetti.
-Morning Runs by the Lake- Just before posting this, I got back from one such run and we happened to make it to the lake in time to watch a Herron fly off through the mist that was rising off the lake. Uh-mazing!
-Music Making (ok, ok. I do this all the time. But it’s more fun making music in the sun!)
-Using the Sunroof in my Car
-Blasting music with the windows down (yes, I’m super cool like that)
-Time to Journal
-Late Nights out with Friends
-Making New Friends
-The Smell of Sunscreen
-Actually Being Able to Watch the Sunset

I would also like to point out just how hard it is to take a picture of your own toes! There is a whole slew of pictures that are somehow unflattering (who knew you could even take unflattering pictures of your feet?) that did not make it to the blog.

What does everyone else out there love about summer? What color are your toesies? What are YOU reading?! Any suggestions for my next book?


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