Sequins: Twinsies!

So Stripes and I are friends, if you haven’t already picked up on this. Pretty good friends, actually. Almost a year ago (right before the birth of the blog) we had a really lifetime-tv-perfect conversation about being BFFs. We’re precious. As the time grew closer towards our inevitable moving, and leaving each other, we discussed jewelry. Some cute token signifying our BFF level. We even found a couple, too, but never pulled the trigger on any. Until we went shopping in Seattle that weekend, that is…

Dress & Bag: H&M/ Scarf: WWU Campus Store/ Sweater: Target/ Shoes: Hiltons

Look familiar? Stripes and I have coveted items in the others’ closet multiple times, and we always agree that it’s kind of weird to have the same thing. But when I tried this one, it was perfect. Not exactly like Stripes’, and super cute. And that’s how we decided these dresses are the perfect (albeit dorky) BFF symbols we’d been looking for.

And in case you couldn’t guess from my strange faces already, this was a strange photoshoot. So I leave you with my face, fully expressing how it feels to have your two best friends (Stripes AND Plaid) leave you and your tiny pond for bigger ones.


5 responses to “Sequins: Twinsies!

  1. I adore the last face you made! Miss you!

  2. Also, this dress shrinks when you wash it…mine mainly got shorter, just as a heads up.

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      I kind of hope so–it’s almost too long. Good to know, though.

      • Yeah, when I pulled mine out of the dryer I was like “Gee this looks like it shrunk, but I always think everything shrinks so it’s probably me just being ocd…wait nope this shrunk” I’m kinda sad! I liked mine long…didn’t have to worry about any sudden gusts of wind.

  3. This outfit is GORGEOUS. I love all of the colours and the two prints. Also the shoes and the bag. It’s all brilliant. I think you need to take me shopping and teach me about putting together a “full” outfit. 🙂

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