Stripes: Non-Hipster Portland

Believe it or not, everything I did on my Portland trip was not totally hipster…shocker, I know. Besides the Barbershopping (which I couldn’t take any pictures of because the show was copy-written) I did check out some old-school/classic features including the Rose Garden-which I had surprisingly never been to before so one of my friends Mr. Mykal took me, and I took myself on a little walking tour checking out the cool old houses. Here are the highlights of my adventures!

Little known fact: flowers like coffee, too!

Tie-Dye Flower!

Mr Mykal trying to om nom nom these awesome hanging flowers. He appears to be coming up a little short.

This is my grumpy zebra look. Oh yes, I’m already aware; I’m sexy and I know it.

This is flat out gorgeous! Also, note the ridiculously cute couple having a date in the corner ❤

Ok, I had to do one instagram…it’s still Portland (aka Hipster Capitol of the NW).

A really cool red house complete with epic tree fort off to the bottom right!

Some of the lawns on these houses (under?) are soooo beautifully manicured! I was in love with how much effort was put into maintaining the charm in this neighborhood!

A GIANT house!

A really cool mosaic walkway form the street to the curb.

And who doesn’t love Tillamook Cheese?! So clearly I had to sieze this opportunity to get a picture of the sidewalk of Tillamook Street!

While this week in Portland has been a ton of fun, it’s time for me to head home so I can make my way to my next adventure: New York City!

Any suggestions of things I should do while in NYC?! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


2 responses to “Stripes: Non-Hipster Portland

  1. Just saying, you should totally visit Times Square and Saks 5th Avenue or Macy’s, not necessarily to buy anything, but just to look around and see the sights of New York

    • Awesome! I’ll put those on my list for sure! Thank you for your suggestions, though going to Saks and not buying something may seriously test my adult decision making abilities 😛

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