Sequins: Work Field Trip!

Monsieur chauffeured me around town to a few places while I worked on a project for my job, and it was during the first beautiful day we’ve had this summer. My heart goes out to those faces triple digit weather, it really does, but I’ll admit–it’s hard to remember that’s happening in other places when here, it just feels like October. Oh weather–know you of moderation? Seriously.

Anyway, we took a quick break while on campus to get some fun outfit shots in.

Shirt & Belt: Thrifted/ Skirt: 36 point 5/ Shoes: Mi Shoes

Do you see that beautiful blue sky? So gorgeous! We’ve had some nice weather for four days in a row now, which is the kind of trend that makes you believe it’s going to finally be summer. I’m sure I just jinxed the entire Northwest with that comment. Sorry guys….

Also, I love this shirt. I sneak-peeked it a while back in my beach post but this shirt is just the bee’s knees. This shirt is an excellent example of why Stripes and I have very very different wardrobes. We were shopping at Buffalo Exchange together and I tried on that top. Her face looks suspiciously similar to that one time I recommended allergen-friendly Larrabars to her, and she asked me if I was actually serious. I was, as you can see from this photo. Our variations in taste are what keep us interesting, after all.

Also interesting? This awkward segue.


This Saturday is the first Saturday in eons (hold for dramatic pause) that Monsieur has off, so we’ve been up since 8 AM eating leftover birthay cake and cookies his mom brought up for him and playing video games. We’re supposed to be finishing up Lego Harry Potter 1-4 because OH MY GOD ARE WE EXCITED TO START THE NEXT ONE. Stripes was playing Lego HP 5-7 with Plaid and let slip a certain secret about a certain evil character turning into a certain FRIGGIN’ PEACOCK. So we’re stoked about that.

I’m refusing to let us move on until we have 100% completion, though, because that’s the kind of person I am. He’s playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 while I finish up this post. It took longer than usual because I spent most of my “blog post time” trying to figure out how to make this:

You’re welcome!


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