Stripes: You’re Entering “The Hipster Zone”

Here’s a little mood music to really emphasize what I’m about to tell you. This week I am in the Hipster capitol of America: Portland, OR. Oh yes, folks, I drove my little blogger self down here (admittedly to watch a singing competition not just to be a hipster, though the pull of hipsterdom definitely made this trip all the more exciting). Yesterday, I took a break from the singing to explore this oh-so iconic (ironic?) town and here’s what I found:

Food Carts

Powell’s Books

VooDoo Doughnuts

A Vintage Store

A Record Store

Stumptown Coffee

My friend being all hipster in Stumptown

A Blurry Bull Dog-he didn’t wanna hold still but I still think he’s ridiculously cute!

Keep Portland Weird Wall

So of course I had to also Instagram it

And this is the least hipster of them all, Kell’s Bar!

So far this adventure has been really fun! I’ll have some other things to show you guys later in the week!


One response to “Stripes: You’re Entering “The Hipster Zone”

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