Sequins: Dress Your Best, Except When You Don’t

There are a few Bigger Name Bloggers who get teased on the Blogger Hate Sites (that I never ever ever read) for using that phrase. It’s the only phrase I could think of though, when posting a super casual outfit on this blog. I know I dress up a lot for the fashion shoots, and Stripes will confirm–it isn’t because I know I’ll have a camera poised on me. It’s just how I dress. Casual, unless it’s a funky shorts-and-tights combo, is pretty rare in my world.

You would make this face too, if someone had a camera that close to it

Not non-existent, though! As Stripes mentioned, we were both in Seattle this past weekend. I did the amazing accomplishment of only packing two tops, a pair of shorts, tights, and jeans. It was amazing. I never pack that lightly, or with that much denim. And now I know why… I was so sick of everything before the first day was over! My sister wanted to go to the mall to look at this great store for wedding jewelery, and across the aisle (row? walkway? I almost wrote street…) was a fun store with cute jewelry and sassy shirts. Which is how I ended up wearing this great combination of clothing…

Shirt: Fuego/ Keffiyeh: Palestine/ Shorts: Sojourner/ Tights: ModSock/ Shoes: B.A.I.T

I never dress this way. Except when, apparently, I do! I love this shirt, though. You can’t see the close up (yet) but it has a shallow v-neck. It is amazingly soft. It has a lime-green print of a long horn. I’m not sure what more I can ask for in a shirt, and have said requests be within legal parameters. I also had a fun time shopping with Stripes. We’ve both got some sad unfortunate drama in our backburners, so it was equally nice to 1) have someone tell me I looked amazing in what I tried on and 2) have someone mope for a couple minutes afterwards over iced coffee. That’s what best friends are for.

Man I miss the city. One day I’ll convince Monsieur that cities aren’t the devil’s playground (just talking about the possibility of moving to Portland makes him break out in hives). Then I shall rule the world.

Also, this isn’t like an official contest, but if someone has the ability to turn that bottom right photo of my wide-eyed face in a giff that blinks very rarely, I might have a trinket with your name on it. Because that would be hilarious. Also because I’m pretty sure that photo has already blinked twice while I’ve been typing this.

I am creepy.

4 responses to “Sequins: Dress Your Best, Except When You Don’t

  1. Oh, how I love Fuego. It’s on my list of stores that I’ll frequent once I’m skinny enough to fit into their clothing (not meant to be a self-depricating comment, just truthful). I’m insanely envious of your keffiyeh from Palestine! I mean, how cool is it to say you have a keffiyeh from Palestine?!? Did you visit yourself, or was it a gift?

    I agree: that shirt is perfect on you, and what I envisioned when I pictured you in a casual outfit. Um, and that last picture is kinda creepy. Reminiscent of a Kewpie doll. (Totally look it up if you don’t know what it is. You can thank me later.)

    Though with the whole city issue, I side with Monsieur. They are the devil’s playground. I’m much more of a ‘burb/country girl myself. Both Portland and Seattle squeak me out if I’m there for too long. Same with Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. And I’ve never felt compelled to visit NYC (though I was there once, long ago, when I was like 2).

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      I typed an entire comment and somehow it just got whisked away. Cities are my absolute all time favorites, and they make me feel safer than anywhere else.

      My keffiyeh was purchased through a friend from an organization that sells them partly to raise awareness about the suffering that Palestinians face on a daily basis, and partly to help change the horrors of their daily lives. I haven’t ever been, but what I wouldn’t give to go soon. (But if you thought David hated cities, then you can probably guess about how he feels regarding international war zones)

  2. Or L.A., for that matter. Though I’ve been there, too.

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