Stripes: A Shopping Adventure

This last weekend, Sequins and I had the opportunity to make our way to downtown Seattle to do some shopping as our first blogger reunion (it had been a whopping 4 or so days since we’d seen each other…I know crazy long, right?). Anyways, we were able to hit up H&M, which we didn’t have in our small town, and stocked up on some goodies that we can’t wait to preview on the blog.

The one really silly thing about our Seattle photo shoot was the reaction we got from the person who happened to walk by us. Maybe I had my expectations backwards, but I had always assumed people in a bigger city would probably care less about our silly back ally pictures (not kidding, we actually found a really pretty marble wall for pictures but as we walked up to it we noticed this ally and both went for it, instinctually, without having to ask each other about what we would prefer) and that the small town people would take a little more interest in our obsessive photo-taking. But I was wrong! And that is how this picture happened:

As I was posing away, this woman happened to walk by us and shot some serious judge face our way which was quite unlike the giggles we used to get back in our small town. So what did I do in return? Clearly the mature thing and gave her some judge face right back. Yep, I’m suuuuuch a grown up.

Purse:Lucky Brand//Scarf:Charlotte Russe//Sweater:Old Navy//Jeans&Tank:Gap//Shoes:Saucony

Anyone else have some fun weekend adventures? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!



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