Sequins: Mi Falda Favorita

Confession–I don’t speak Spanish. It’s not that shocking of a confession, really, until you learn that Spanish is my dad’s native language. And that my mom speaks it very well. And so does my sister.

Me? I took French in high school. And college. Luckily, so did Monsieur. And french was one of his mom’s native languages. Also, that last sentence is strange. He only has one mother, but she has multiple native languages (she’s from Switzerland, and grew up in Cameroon). If you guys have a recommendation on how I should phrase that sentence (nudge nudge, Violet), I’m totally game.

However, for this skirt, Spanish is a necessity, since it is definitely mi falda favorita!

My mom came into town last Wednesday, and it was just so so nice. You know those times where you just want your mom to come and take care of all your problems? It has definitely been one of those months. She didn’t technically take care of all my problems, but she bought me a really tasty (and super unhealthy) dinner, listened to all my problems, and gave me tons and tons of love. Which, really, is what I need when I say I want someone else to take care of all my problems. She was even willing to stay super late and listen to Monsieur play at open mic!

He did great and sounded awesome. He also looked awesome, due in large part to the shopping trip he finally let me take him on last Monday. I’ll do a full fashion post for his new look soon, but trust me–he’s looking pretty sharp. He’s getting more outfit compliments than I am!

And with a face like that? I’m shocked. Shocked and stunned 😉 Okay also silly story about the tights? I was trying to figure out what pair of tights I wanted to wear, since pretty much every color goes fabulously with the skirt. Mustard yellow? Cobalt blue? Orange? I couldn’t decide. I remembered the bright red pair my stepmom gave me for Christmas, though, and thought “Oh that’ll be radical–I’ll wear tights that are the exact same color as my skirt. That feels so strange and foreign, but I bet it’ll look cool”. So I did. And I told my sister my thought process. As she laughed at me, it occurred to me that’s just what normal people do, isn’t it? Match the skirt to their tights? I’ve gone so bizarre and weird in my clothing to make a full loop back into balanced, healthy color matching, haven’t I?

Shirt: thrifted, Banana Republic/ Belt & Skirt: thrifted no label/ Tights: gift, Express/ Shoes: B&G



2 responses to “Sequins: Mi Falda Favorita

  1. I have to say that belt is the perfect accompaniment to that wonderful skirt! This outfit makes me happy, so thank you. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing Monsieur’s fashion update!

    Also: “French was one of the multiple native languages of his mom.” 😉

  2. C Marica (Sequins)

    Thanks 🙂 I guess I was trying to avoid a passive phrasing, but it doesn’t seem possible. I’m trying to figure out how else to wear that shirt, so if you’ve got ideas… By all means… Then I can just sit back and let you write the blog for me 😉 I’ll see if I can get Monsieur to hold still for more than the five minutes it takes to to outfit photos.

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