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Stripes: Of Wining and DIning and Adventures pt. 2

Hey-o it’s time for part 2 of this NY adventure!

Day 3: I was super excited to meet up with an old high school friend and walk down to the financial district. Later that day I crashed hard. I think all the excitement finally hit me and I took one epic nap…no pictures of that part of the trip. I know, you guys are all SUPER bummed you don’t get to see my little hot mess self napping away my vacation. That evening, after all napping had taken place, we had dinner at a really good South American restaurant in Brooklyn and grabbed drinks at a cute little hipster bar where I had a drink made with artichoke…I was beyond excited when they showed me the bottle with a majestic artichoke beaming out at me.

Day 4: This was my last real day in the city so I decided to add some culture to my trip and visit the Natural History Museum. I took about a million pictures of the animal and dinosaur models and I laughed (out loud even) when I found some alpaca artifacts in the South American area. That night Mr. New York and I decided to go out with a low key bang (is that even a thing? I think I just made it a thing…it will catch on) so we went to a gluten free Italian restaurant by Central Park drank wine like actual grown ups (without realizing it even!!! bonus points for us!) and topped that off with some blueberry lemonade at a really cool lookout where we could watch the sunset (over Jersey, luckily we were guido free) annnnnd I got to see my very first lightning bug EVER. That may have been a serious highlight of the trip-all my friends on the West Coast get me. We’ve heard about them since we are little and dream of chasing them but where are they? Not anywhere near us. So my childhood was made as we found a little patch of the glowy bugs!

And there you have New York via my phone and stories! I only have 2 more vacation posts, no worries, and one is an outfit post from Disneyworld, getting my theme park on!

Sequins: Travelwear

You’re reading this on the last day before Monsieur & I fly out to Hawaii for our vacation, so I’m just a touch busy. Although, if you couldn’t get enough of Stripes’ vacation posts, then don’t fret–I’ll be adding my own to the mix soon enough. Don’t you fret. For now, though, you can feast your eyes of my last travel outfit! This was for a train trip, so less intense than my current trip, but still.

Gray tights and denim shorts was the very first styling that led me to my tights-with-shorts obsession. You guys don’t see it too much on the blog what with me recording almost entirely my work outfits, but trust me–it exists. Also, I know at least one person seeing this post is squealing with an “ohemgee she got it!”, so yeah, Stripes, I totally found one!

Backstory–Stripes sent me a text a long time ago letting me know there was a a super cute seafoam green jacket at the place she found her hot pink blazer. I went to scope it out and they were already out of stock. I went back recently, though, when my sister dragged me to the mall and couldn’t resist. It’s mine now!

Blazer: Charlotte Russe, Shirt: H&M, Tights: very old, Sandals: Saltwaters, Shorts: Target, Flower: downtown boutique

Do you guys have any fashion trends that you stick to like comfort blankets? Because that’s what tights and shorts are for me. This happy trend has been going strong for four years in my life, and I don’t see it letting up anytime soon!

Stripes: Two Really Awesome People pt. 2

After reading Sequins sweet words about our dear friends, I thought I might include some pictures from their gorgeous day (and give you all a break from Stripes’ vacation central). Again, Sequins and I don’t want to make any sweeping political statements because that’s not what this day is about-it is about celebrating the love between not only two people but also the support and love of a community and that’s just what this event achieved. It brought back together our college community and allowed us all to not only come together and share time with our old friends but also support our good friends as they made the biggest commitment two people can make to each other.

I did manage to snag some pictures with my iPhone! Here you have our beautiful grooms and a few of our friends:

And then an epic photoshoot and a jam sesh broke out. Best.Wedding.Ever.

All in all, yesterday was a day filled with joy, smiles, love, and friendship. I was so happy to see so many of my college friends (many of whom had left our college town in the last year or two so it had been a really long time since we’d all been at one place together) and I am so grateful to be reminded of the simple joy of just spending time bonding/catching up with/listening to/laughing with old friends. I suppose all I can say is that yesterday was absolute perfection and I’m so glad to have all these people in my life.

Sequins: Two Realy Awesome People

Two really awesome people are getting married today. It’s exciting, and it’s also the first wedding of the season (that I get to attend). I’m really happy for them, and while I could turn this post into a platform for my beliefs on equality and what I think is right, I think I’ll just settle with a heartfelt congratulations. This couple is adorable, and I’ve known one of them ever since I started college. I wish them the best of luck and hope all the happiness for them.

For those curious, Monsieur and I went as a Katamari Ball and the Prince, while the other couple went as Miss Piggy and Miss Piggy’s Doting Boyfriend. And let me tell you, of all the men (and women) I know, none pull off a Miss Piggy as well as that guy. Oh and also, Monsieur is notorious for always making the wrong face at a camera. In case you were wondering.

Stripes: Of Wining and Dining and Adventures pt. 1

I know, I know, I just posted pictures from Florida but I didn’t really get a chance to tell you (slash show you via a zillion pictures) what I was up to on the New York leg of this trip. I did so much, in fact, that I am having a hard time paring down the number of pictures I want to post…so excuse my ridiculously long, two post series about New York. I had such a blast over there that I didn’t want to leave out any of the fun, so, without further adieu, here’s NY through the lens of my iPhone and a couple vignettes.

Day 1: Mr. New York and I made our way through the Village. Initially, we headed out with the goal of checking out an allergy free bakery but we turned it into a full day of poking around, finding all sorts of landmarks, and admiring the architecture. We ended the day with popsicles on the High Line-such amazing views!-and then dinner at an amazing gluten free Italian joint where we ordered wine like grown ups and made friends with the owner. We followed up dinner with some bar hoping and found our way to a speakeasy. Oh yes, themed drinking at it’s best! Though they were playing Backstreet Boys…I’m not sure it was the most historically accurate place but our drinks were served in tea cups which made up for the lack of mood music.

The first picture is of us post brownie noming at the awesome allergy free bakery and the rest are of some of the cool places we passed on our little tour.

Day 2: I took off on my own and headed towards Central Park. After taking an obligatory Strawberry Fields picture and lunching by the pond where kids race model sailboats (admittedly, I chose this spot because of how it was described in the Gossip Girl books…I had to see a few of my GG landmarks!), I headed off to Madison Ave to window shop. I don’t have many pictures from this leg of my trip because I didn’t want to seem too touristy…I’m sure I blended in like a golden retriever in a herd of Pomeranians (I was wearing a Hollister top and A&E shorts, after all) but I still had fun nonetheless. I ended my adventure by walking to the UN building and I successfully got myself home via subway all by myself-to say I was proud of myself would be an understatement. For dinner, Mr. New York and I whipped up this little dish…SO FREAKING GOOD!

The first pictures are from Central Park, the next is a really neat Dior window display, then a really pretty brownstone, and finally the UN building.

And there you have the first half of my New York trip! The second half of the trip will be up on Sunday and then we get to talk all things Disney…my “regular” posts should be starting back up just in time for Sequins to start telling us about some of her epic, impending adventures so I kind of feel like we should have temporarily renamed our blog Moose on the Run or Where in the World is Moose? or Moose Gone Wild-tell me your travel moose blog name ideas in the comments! I wanna see what you come up with for us!

Sequins: In the Garden

There are a few awesome things about blogging. One being, make new friends. I’ll admit, I was slow to join that realm of blogging, mostly because I went into the process with one of my besties, and then promptly convinced another awesome friend to start one herself (Have you seen it? She’s pretty cool)

Regardless, turns out there are some pretty cool people on the internet, and it’s been fun to “meet” them. Nicole from Gypsy in Japser is one of those awesome peeps, and coordinates a What to Wear idea. It’s fun and I jumped on board, because I’m nothing if not a joiner. FYI, Stripes will totally be joining in on this concept next time it rolls around, but I figured it wasn’t fair to spring it on her the second she got back from vacation. See how nice I can be?

Shirt: H&M (??)/ Shorts: Target/ Brooch: Local boutique/ Sandals: Saltwaters

When I saw the prompt was In The Garden, I immediately went “Oh, for tea parties and fancy things! Sundresses everywhere!” And then I read a couple of comments about it and realized I’d be the only one with that theme. That some people, shockingly enough, actually garden (it’s, like, a verb, people!) instead of just play in gardens.

That said, I have to confess–rather than a cute little green thumb, I have the black thumb of death. I won’t bore you with the details, but rest assured–whatever plant you’re about to tell me I can keep alive, I’ve already killed it. Twice.

It’s definitely a recessive gene, though, since both my parents are pretty fab gardeners. My mom’s front yard looks like the Secret Garden in full bloom with her just blinking in its direction. No joke. I’ll share pictures soon. My dad is redoing his entire back yard with elaborate plans (he already built the brick walls and leveled the ground). My sister has an ever-producing spider plant.

If it has a leaf, I kill it. Also, I’m allergic to everything outside. As in, the occasional plant will make my throat swell up. So I’m just not a get-down-and-dirty kind of girl. That’s all there is to it. I do, however, like flowers! And I love playing in my mom’s garden, and checking out what my dad is doing in his back yard! So this is my “when I visit other people’s gardens”.

That means a cute top to give me the perfect excuse to not offer assistance, shorts instead of dresses just in case I’m required to squat, shoes that can be washed off with a hose for the potential dirt, and a flower pin, since that’s the only type of florals I can sustain!

This was super fun and you all should check out everyone else who participated!

Sequins: One Week Left

So I realized at about 8 PM Saturday night I didn’t do my post. I felt bad, but mostly I was too busy to care since I was doing this…

It was my sister’s Bachelorette Party. My brain just can’t grasp the concept that my big sister is getting married in less than two weeks. It might be having trouble because I’ve been averaging four hours of sleep a night for the past six nights. I am a zombie.

In fact, I had this whole cute bit planned about saying those bloggers who talk about their readers always crack me up, but that happened to me this weekend! But by “I met two readers”, I really mean “I had a close family member and one of my sister’s best friends come up to me and sheepishly admit they read the blog”.

Which is awesome. Except..

Why was it sheepishly? 😉

Thanks to the other two girls who joined us for Saturday night. It was a blast. Also, I strongly recommend any and everyone who reads this to go to a drag show. Also, the next day? I was busy with this…

Me: Sweater: Target, Dress: Macy’s, Sandals: Saltwaters
Blondie: I’m not sure, I’m sorry!

So that’s all I got. I promise a better update later, but right now I’m struggling to stay awake.

Oh, actually I’ll leave you with this gem of a moment:

My sister, introducing me to her new in-law, Gramma Jones McSmithstonstein*

Blondie: Hi Gramma McSmithstonstein, this is my sister, Sequins**

Gramma: Who is this?

Sequins: I’m Blondie’s sister.

Gramma: You’re her sister?

Sequins: Yes ma’am

Gramma (completely nonplussed): Never woulda guessed

*Not her actual name

**This is totally how my sister introduces me in public. And I have always called her Blondie. My entire life***

*** Those were both lies.