Sequins: Date Night Magic

Monsieur and I have, in separate instances, both received some (rather flattering) comments about how well we sustain our relationship. It makes me giggle, since we both feel like we have so much to work on when it comes to being together, but who are we to judge? The comments we’ve gotten lately that made me laugh came from my sister, who was admiring how well we date each other. I literally laughed out loud because date night is single-handedly what we fight about the most.

That being said, since we fight out about our lack of date nights so much, it becomes the thing we know we need to work on the most. We’ve only been living together officially for a couple months, but we’ve always been homebodies, and preferred to spend our time being lazy in the living room instead of courting each other*. Now that we live together, we have at-home dates almost every single evening, and it’s become clear that now, more than ever, getting outside is important for our health. And our relationship’s health.

Case in point, a couple nights ago we went out on a really fun date. We planned to walk about a couple miles through this beautiful beach-front park to a great Mexican restaurant and a paint-your-own-pottery place. It was going to be fun and exciting and I was looking forward to it. Monsieur ended up having a bad day, though, so we called it good with sharing headphones to listen to the new Rush album as we headed to dinner, and then had a nice time at dinner. I ended up laying out, in excruciating detail, the first two seasons of Buffy. We walked home and talked about it some more, and got eaten alive by mosquitoes.

It was worth it, though, and we went back the next day to paint pottery. I’ll share photos when they’re both finished. I’m a slowpoke control freak when it comes to painting pottery, so I didn’t finish the first trip out. Or the second trip out. I imagine, though, that I’ll be good after the third trip to coat it with paint! I’m excited to share, though, because Monsieur’s is pretty adorable. Adorable = I’m going to steal it from him.

*Because I’m old fashioned, I think courting is important. Because I’m not sexist, I think it needs to occur from both partners.


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