Sequins: Peaches & Lavender


Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? True story–my mom is a really (really really) big fan of lavender, and there is a beautiful (and delicious) Lavender Festival held on one of the nearby islands. It’s a fun camping trip, and the festival has everything lavender that you can imagine. Including lavender ice cream, lavender cookies, lavender coffee. It’s a bit overwhelming to most but the die-hard fans, but I still like to taste. Same goes with peaches. My uncle, who is from Texas, calls me Peaches and it’s my favorite nickname. And between you and me, I have  a lot of nicknames...

But this isn’t really about food. It wasn’t supposed to be, that is. It was supposed to be about my new color obsession, ever since seeing my lavender-painted toenails paired with these sandals. I was obsessed with the mix for the better part of the day, so it surprised no one (and by no one, I of course mean Monsieur & Stripes) when I wore the same colors the next day.

Sweater: Thrifted/ Dress: Macy’s/ Tights: Gift, Macys/ Shoes: BC Shoes/ Necklace: Mi Shoes

What, one note wonder, you say? Whatever. This dress, by the way, was a whoppin’ 75% off. Very excited. It needed a minor adjustment, which I’ve made, and I love it. There are birds on it–I rest my case. This dress is also the result of shopping with my sister. She was in town a couple weekends ago and we went a little crazy shopping at the mall–which is something I pretty much never do. It was a blast and resulted in this dress, the yellow jacket and blue shirt you’ve already seen, and a beautiful black strapless dress. All on sale, which is the only way to shop. My sister is a dangerous girl to shop with.

Also dangerous, apparently, is Stripes! Do you see those shoes? If they look familiar, but you’er wondering if I just over-brightened the photo to wash out the red and white stripes, worry no longer.

Stripes bought sandals and I bought these–the twin sisters of my favorite red & white striped wedges, in a beautiful neutral tan. I love them. Monsieur loves them even more than their twins, which is strange (he’s partial to the flashier elements of my wardrobe).

The necklace is from the same place as the shoes, albeit purchased on a separate occasion. My coworker wears the most gorgeous, unique necklaces that I covet. But not really, since I’m not someone brave enough to wear large, chunky necklaces (that don’t feature an animal of some sort). Until this day, that is. I’m still working it in, but it’s a fun experiment. I think it’ll go well with the aforementioned strapless black dress.

How about all you quiet lurkers out there? Any chunky-necklace-phobias? Twin-shoe-purchasers? Food-related-color-obsessers?


3 responses to “Sequins: Peaches & Lavender

  1. Ah, lavender. I love it, too! (Both the food/plant and the color.) Has your mom ever tried lavender cheese? I just recently heard about it and haven’t tried it yet. It’s weird because I’m used to lavender + sweet, not lavender + savory. It’s kinda like when people look at me strangely when I tell them my obsession with avocado ice cream or bubble tea. My people are used to having it mixed with sweet things. The whole guacamole and putting it with other salty things (burgers, sushi) is strange (but equally yummy).

    Ahem…where was I?

    I love peach and lavender together, too. It would be a cute color combo for a girl’s room. It would be something I’d wear, but unfortunately, peach is a horrid color on me. That is where I admire those with a lighter complexion, because they can wear colors that I can’t but have always wanted to, such as peach and mint green and periwinkle. Basically the colors of someone who is a “spring.” I do, however, love the fact that jewel-toned and bright colors look fabulous on me. 🙂

    I agree that the peach dress is definitely not a one-note wonder. In fact, I can already see it being worn with that yellow blazer, or with the blue shirt worn over it so that it looks like a shirt/skirt combo (peach and baby blue is another color combo I really like). Or your gray sweater with hearts. *cough* not outfit-stalking at all *cough* 😉

    I like that necklace. It gives the outfit a grown-up touch (in a good way). I have only just recently gotten into chunky necklaces myself. I have about 3 now and use them much like scarves, where I’ll only wear it if the rest of my outfit was plain-colored. That’s one thing I have yet to venture out and do: mix prints. But I recently got some super-cute scores from the thrift store (shirt with roses and plaid shorts) that I’m excited to use as my first print-mixing outfit. Also, if I ever get around to making the skirt I want to make, that will definitely get a lot of print-mixing action, too.

    As for a food color combo, I like eggplant and mustard or eggplant and lime. 🙂 Or, as a neutral, I enjoy coffee and vanilla. I actually like that concept. How fun would it be to do a post of food-based color combo outfits? If you don’t want to do it, I totally do!

    Yikes, this is long. Signing off now…

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      Haha super long. I like your advice for how to re-wear the dress though. Remind me, why again aren’t you a fashion blogger? Because you should start. Please. It’s so much fun (and so addicting). Do it with food inspired fashion! I know a blogger who adds pairings of recipes to fashion photos she finds and it’s super cool. Except yours would be even better since it would be original.

  2. I suppose I’m somewhat of a fashion blogger on my “Fashion Fridays.” 🙂 I think I just need to get the courage up, and I just know if I become a full-blown fashion blogger, everything else (walking my dog, looking for jobs, cooking dinner, etc.) would fall to the wayside. Perhaps once I’m employed I can get away with doing it? How ironic that is.

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