Stripes: Wish List

Ever since entering the big leagues after graduation, I have been really excited to buy my “big girl” clothing and accessories which means I’ve been actively seeking out new clothes (something I didn’t do too much of in my poor undergrad days). Here are a few of the itms topping my wardrobe wishlist:


I am SOOO in love with this skirt and the only thing keeping me from buying it is the fact that, on sale, it costs $420.00. Yeah, that’s a little more than I can shell out for a skirt at this point in time for a single article of clothing.


I just think this is the cutest little necklace ever!


I have been dying for a pair of flower sandals since last summer…and these are SO CUTE! And way cheaper than the Anthropologie ones I originally fell in love with.


And finally, I would do almost anything for a pair of these bad boys. Like, OMG. Why aren’t they already in my closet? This is probably what I get for having been born a Muggle…

And there you have it, a Saturday wish list of things I would go crazy for if they magically appeared in my closet (and no worries, I did totally try swishing around a stick while saying ‘Accio skrit/shoes/necklace’ with no luck, *sigh* once a Muggle always a Muggle).

5 responses to “Stripes: Wish List

  1. I have flower sandals similar to the ones you want that cost about $15 from Target, and they’ve lasted a long time.
    Here’s the link:

  2. Omg love Harry Potter too!! Actully a while back you guys posted a little blurb about acapella and OMG pentatonix is an awesome Youtube band I had to blog about on my music blog!(somepolishthatiusedtoknow is my nail polish blog) I guess I was a little late in noticing that this post was back in May…lol… I wanted to personally thank you for posting that video I LOVE blogging about cool new artists like that! Thank You Moose In Chartruese! You two have awesome blog! Im already following! June 24th

  3. Oh no prob! You guys totally deserved credit! Acapella bands are kinda of rare especially epic ones like Pentatonix! = ) I love this blog

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