Sequins: Four-Eyed Freak

My face is a blank canvas. Too blank, really. You’d think I’d manage to put on some mascara or eyeliner for this photoshoot.

I mean it in the most loving way possible, I promise, but I totally am a four-eyed freak. I remember getting my first prescription when I was in middle school. I didn’t know what type of glasses I wanted, or would look good in, so I (safely) picked out the most inconspicuous pair. It felt like the smart thing to do. I learned really quickly, though, at least, in time for my next pair that I’m not really an inconspicuous kind of person. I picked the boldest, weirdest tortoiseshell glasses I could find, and I cursed the fact that I couldn’t select from the reading glasses. Honestly? I’ve always been massively jealous of people who need reading glasses. They have the coolest options!!

These are not the ones I was whining about. These were my classic frames throughout high school and some of college. They are also held together by tape.

It was the beginning of my ongoing challenge to find the most ridiculous pair of glasses available to me.My favorite pairs of glasses have always been my red frames, but I’ve seen some purple frames out there that look tempting. My everyday pair of glasses are are covered in glitter and my current red frames have dizzying circle polka dots on the sides. I’m all about fun when it comes to my eyewear. There was this weird period where my sister picked out glasses I chose for her, and I got ones she chose for me. Now, I love my sister, but I’ve never worn those glasses for more than an hour, if I can help it.

Look familiar? My old faithful pairs. With outdated prescriptions and chips in the lenses…

It’s been about five years since my last pair of glasses, and boy has the silliness of fashion blogging upped the stakes quite a bit! I was so excited! My eye doctor had turquoise frames, people. Turquoise! How cool is that? There were big goofy old man glasses, heavy black pairs, cat eye frames, perfect circle frames. It was a dream come true!

And, I’ll admit, I was overwhelmed.

I had no clue where to start, so I did what any sensible person would do–I texted goofy freak photos to Stripes, asking her opinion. It’s really funny, because I had a hunch she would end up hating my top three faves, but the ones she loved where definitely the ones I loved, too. In fact, I ended up loving two so much that….

I got two pairs of glasses. It was so so easy to justify, since I won’t have health insurance for much longer and it just makes sense to have a back up pair. Right? Right??

Right. So, what did I end up with?

Tada! I have a funky pair (on the left) and then some hipster-tastic nerd glasses on the right.  I haven’t figured out how to style my funky striped ones yet, but no doubt you guys will get to watch me through that awkward process. And honestly, it’s silly, but my square hipster frames make me so so so happy. One of my friends likes to mock the hipster world (he’s a total hipster himself, though, and he knows it), calls crazy bulky glasses like these bonor-shrinkers. I’ll have him know Monsieur is just as excited about my frames as I am! Although there is some appeal in advancing even further my man-reflecting powers..


2 responses to “Sequins: Four-Eyed Freak

  1. I grew up dying to wear glasses. By the time I needed them at 14, I knew just what I wanted: Large, square, tortoise shell. I loved those frames. Now I collect glasses, thanks mostly to coastal and their coupon codes…

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      I hear so much from bloggers about buying glasses online, and I just don’t think I’m brave enough to take the plunge. I definitely love big crazy glasses, though.

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