Stripes: The Day I Said No To Pants

Ok, there’s something you should know; I’ve been pretty anti-pants these last few weeks. I’m not sure what it is and I’m guessing you may have noticed, but lately pants of any kind just haven’t been my cup of tea. I’m not sure if it’s the disgusting winter-like summer weather or that my way of dealing with change is to rebel against something (in this case, oddly enough, pants) but I just don’t want to wear pants.*

(This may be one of my most intense/weird faces ever…but thats how I feel about the issue of pants.)

So I haven’t. I’ve been wearing skirts like crazy (the same one two days in a row even) and now I’ve moved to leggings. For the record, I am completely on the camp of leggings =/= pants. They are definitely not the same, and I would never claim they are interchangeable for most occasions but some days you just don’t want to wear pants and you don’t own enough skirts to keep life interesting.

This is why I pulled out this tank top and the boots. I’ve had the top for years after getting it on super sale but I’ve never worn it out of the house until today but it was the only thing that covered my butt just enough to let me feel comfortable not wearing real pants. The boots are, of course, a staple to my wardrobe since they entered my life this last winter, but I decided on them today because they oddly offered just enough coverage to make me feel like I wasn’t naked. I’m not sure why it worked out like that but I don’t think I would have walked out of the house in this outfit wearing Toms or sandals. The boots gave me a lift of confidence and I completely forgot I was doning just a pair of leggings.

Sweater:A&E//Blue Tank:Hollister//White Tank:Target//Leggings:Loft Outlet//Boots&Bag:Lucky Brand//Scarf:Charlotte Russe

And a bonus pic of me looking to the heavens in hopes of a generous gift of more skirts, dresses, and other anti-pant options!

*It should be noted that there is an exception for sweatpants. They will always be the exception to everything ever.

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