Sequins: Out With The Old

This post could be considered  a spring cleaning, of sorts. We mentioned it briefly on the blog, but I recently got a new camera–a Canon t2i, to be precise. Which I’m pretty sure makes us legit indie fashion bloggers now, just in case you were wondering (I know, I know, you weren’t). Anyway, this is the last of the outfit photos I have on my old camera for a while. You know, until I forget to charge the battery or something.

Also, I’m pretty sure that shirt needs an additional button/button hole added to the bottom. It’s weird, right, that it doesn’t button all the way down? It’s such a short top. I pulled t his outfit together in a very sporadic, not-paying-attention kind of way and realized after I left the house that I lookedsuper blue. Which is funny, since this outfit was taken after my two days of red. Apparently my brain was telling me to CUT IT OUT with the red already. Geez, brain, message received.

Sweater, Shirt & Shoes: Thrifted/ Skirt: Sojourner

In case you couldn’t see to clearly, there are tiny people on my skirt. It’s kind of amazing. I bought the skirt at a downtown boutique, but I saw the other day that Modcloth totally used to sell it, in case you’re super jealous. Which you should be. Wearing this skirt is like walking around with a tiny town of people that all love and worship you, since you are large enough to be their God. Not thatI wear it for that reason. That would be…. weird….

Take that, brain–red shoes and red glasses. I’m a rebel. Speaking of glasses, though, this post is also the last of the old glasses. Some of you have seen a sneak peek on facebook, but I totally got new frames. And they’re pretty hipster-tastic. I mean, I’m kind of massively in love with them. Except that my favorite of the two pairs gives me weird vertigo. I’m waiting the week like they told me, but those glasses might have to go back to the shop. Which is a pity.

So look forward to checking out my updated frames! If, you know, I don’t fall down and smack my head from the vertigo first. If I do get amnesia from the head trauma, though, I’m sure Stripes knows her priorities–tell me about the blog pronto.


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