Stripes: The Cut

As you may have noticed in my graduation post, I cut off my hair. I did not intend to do this, until the night before my appointment, anyways. But inspiration hit as I was sitting at my computer after having taken my last final earlier that day browsing at Pinterest where one of the boards I follow had suddenly added several pictures of short bobs. Being my ever so cautious self, this was not enough to sway me, however.

The last picture of my long hair…taken on my webcam right before heading to the hairdresser.

As a soon to be grad at that point in time, I did what any self respecting college student does: I googled the crap out of “short bob” and found some celebrities who had cut it all off. Lizzie Olsen (little sister to Mary-Kate and Ashley aka My idols from age 4-13) had recently cut off her long hair (waaaay longer than mine) into the cutest little wavy bob. As I browsed pictures of her new look, a hint of confidence began to grow. I mean if the terribly adorable little sister to MK+A is pulling off this look and she’s the same age as me, maybe I could do it!

So I continued looking at pictures, not 100% convinced that this was the right move. My hair helped define me and I was on the cusp of change, why mess with something that works? However, despite my hesitation, I continued to click around the internet when I remembered one of Sequin’s favorite bloggers, Kendi over at Kendi Everyday, had cut off her hair into a shoulder length bob a couple months ago. After looking at about 100 pictures of her hair, I was hooked. The shorter length suited her so much and she styled it SO cutely. I found this post to bring into my stylist and my resolve had solidified.

…Until morning anyways, I woke up to get ready for my hair appointment and I broke down. Cutting off my hair suddenly became a symbol of cutting off my youth and college days. I’d spent the last 5ish years rocking braids, cute side ponytails, people wanting to play with my hair, and blogger buns. How could I suddenly just cut it all off? I would be a symbolic end to my youth and suddenly thrust me into the realm of adulthood: a new world I wasn’t ready for.

I was stuck on loop, almost in tears, for about 10 minutes. I realized at the time how silly it sounded that cutting off 4-5 inches of hair would suddenly make me a grown up, I mean clearly nothing else about me was really going to change while I sat in the barber’s chair, but nonetheless I panicked. But I also instinctually knew this was something I needed to do. Graduation had not felt real yet (it didn’t until I was sitting in commencement itself, by the way) but cutting my hair was as real of a change as I could get at that point in time. I would soon see the hair drop, the memories I had with it swept into a dustpan, never to be seen again and I realized, I needed this. I needed to move on and start fresh. What’s fresher than a brand new hair cut?

As I sat in that chair, explaining what I wanted, showing my pictures to the hairdresser, I relaxed and took it all in. Yes this is a new look, but it was time to try something new. I’m ready to do things that I’ve never done, take some leaps of faith, and rock a new haircut. And suddenly, all my fear became excitement and I began to relax. Two hours later, I walked out of the salon completely in love with my new hair and ready to take on the world.

And there you have it, the story behind the haircut. I admit, it is the most effort and emotion I’ve had in a style since I chopped all my hair off to donate freshman year. If I have one piece of advice it’s to just do it! Cut off all your hair, try something new, do it all on a whim, and have fun.

Anyone else recently cut off a bunch of hair? Any other fellow grads out there? Anyone wanna discuss how adorable Lizzie Olsen is?

PS- These are the first pictures we took with Sequin’s new fancy pants camera (the crappy picture from my webcam aside)!  This photo shoot was kind of a milestone for our Moosey selves.


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