Sequins: Bringing Down The Hammer

Well, not really. I’m not bringing anything down, if we’re being honest. There was a cute and obscenely random graffiti tag of a hammer, though, which made me giggle.

This outfit is the best weekend-me outfit I could possibly come up. My sister was in town this weekend and we went shopping and man oh man did I so not need two tank tops, a top, a jacket, and two dresses. But the closest I came to paying for any of it was a minimum of fifty percent off. So worse things could occur, I guess. This top (and the tank underneath) was one of my treasured finds, coming in at a whoppin’ 60% off. This outfit turned out perfectly comfortable for a friend’s graduation BBQ. A couple points were docked for having to sit on the grass with short shorts, but other than that, perfect! This outfit shows that we are so friggin close to having a summer!

I’m so in love with the pattern! The color is so sweet and the print is so playful and it matches almost everything in my wardrobe. In fact… oh wait… my future outfit senses are tingling… In fact, the odds are very likely that I wore this top two days in a row, once as part of a weekend look and once as a business look. That’s the prediction for today.

Sweater: H&M/ Shirt & Tank: Romy’s/ Shorts: Thrifted/ Shoes: Toms


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