Happy Graduation, Stripes!

I think most everyone who reads this blog is familiar with what Stripes is dong today. As she walks across the stage and collects her well-deserved diploma, I figured I’d share some helpful graduation advice, designed specifically for her. Feel free to leave her well-wishes and other pieces of advices on this post as well!


Be Flexible With Your Ten-Year Plan

I’ve always been in awe o f your planning, and how organized you are when it comes to your future. Of everyone I know, you are the most likely to have your 5-year plan go according to schedule, and that’s saying something! That being said–you’re so young. Don’tbe afraid of your youth, and should yo notice your heart tugging you in a direction, don’t be afraid to listen to what it’s saying. Even if it’s pulling you in a direction you never considered.Especially if it’s a direction you never considered.


Pretend You Have Amnesia

I don’t think this is really going to change you all that much, but you never know. Pretend you don’t know anything about yourself, and rediscover what you like. Post-college and pre-job is a great time to do personality spring-cleaning to figure out if things you’ve been doing for years are things you absolutely love, or things you do out of habit. What’s something you tel yourself you can’t do, or something you could never do, or just something you don’t do? Is the reason why still as true now as it was five, ten years ago?


Wear Your Pink Blazer To Your First Job Interview

This doesn’t need anymore of an explanation, right? No? Okay, fine. Job interviews are the terrifying opportunity to show off who you want your employer to think you are. This is the time to look clean, polite, and professional–three things you can pull off marvelously. This is also the time to make yourself memorable, so for the love of god wear that pink blazer. Embrace your awesome you-ness and don’t be afraid to stand out.


Remember that you are perfect, and you can do anything

You are a beautiful, genuine and wonderful person who has no limits on what you can achieve. Don’t forget that. Your hips aren’t too big, your face isn’t too babyish,  and you will always look amazing in anything you wear. And, on a less shallow note, you are smart, you are determined, and you have some o the best work ethic of any twenty-something I’ve ever met.  You have it in you to move mountains, and I’m excited to be your friend as you pick which mountain to start with.


Invest in a Guinea Pig

I’m so dead serious about this one, Stripes. There’s not hidden layer of interpretation. I’m not saying you have to do it this year or even next yera, but I fully expect you to be a guinea pig-owning person within the next five years. I promise I’ll even watch it for you when you travel. Just… seriously.


3 responses to “Happy Graduation, Stripes!

  1. You are too sweet my dearest Sequins! And yes, if there is one thing up there that I know to be true, it’s that a guinea is for sure in my future. Can’t wait to see you tonight!

  2. Sound advice, all that was listed. I just want to add that now is the time to be brave, bold and fearless….reach for the rest of your life with both hands. Congratulations on such a terrific achievement.

    • Thanks! I am really excited for what’s to come and I plan to take the next couple weeks while I work part time to come up with some big dreams because nows the time to do it! Thanks for your support!

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