Stripes: An Outfit Post!!

After a brief hiatus from outfit posting (Sequins and I have been ridiculously busy and on opposite schedules which means I don’t get outfit pictures because I don’t have a Monsieur of my own and the background of my living room is hella lame so self-timer is a serious compromise) I’m here to show you that I do indeed still wear clothes-despite what this blog may have implied.


And I even accessorized for you! To be honest, I’ve been studying for my final finals (woooooo!!!!) and made good use of my yoga pants, holey jeans, stained t-shirts, and random sweatshirts this last week or so and they just aren’t all that great to look at (although the outfit I wore yesterday was one of my favorites ever: gray yoga pants, old t-shirt from high school, jelly fish sweatshirt, and running shoes…5 year old me could not have been prouder).

Also, as a quick life update, because I feel like there isn’t too much to say about my ensemble aside from the fact that you guys are finally starting to see more of my printed t-shirt collection, here is a short collection of upcoming things I am excited about:

-Graduation is on Saturday eeekkk!
-I found the perfect graduation dress (thank God, I was getting a little worried I’d be naked up there living out a nightmare!)
-I got some other new articles of clothing that I think you’re going to LOVE…here a hint about my favorite piece: hot pink
-By the time you’re reading this, I will either be finishing my last final or be hellza done with my undergrad work!
-I finally scheduled a haircut so you will be seeing a reemergence of my bangs soon

Sunglasses:Cole Haan via Ross//T-shirt:Junk Food via TJMaxx//Skirt:Gap Outlet//Shoes&Purse:Lucky Brand//Bracelets:Old Navy & Target

And I really felt like these glasses required at least one duck face photo.

 So what are you all looking forward to? Anything exciting headed your way? I wanna hear all about it!


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