Sequins: Seeing Red

Mostly because I know the future of the blog, and I’m definitely wearing red dresses two days in a row. I might pull out my red stripey dress and make it three days, if I’m feeling radical. Or, rather, if I’m feeling red. Which I might be–it’s anyone’s guess as to what I’ll be in the mood to throw on tomorrow. Why do I feel like cackling an evil laugh right now?


Without further ado, I bring you…. outfit photos.

Jacket Shoes & Dress: Thrifted/Vintage
Belt: H&M
Sweater: Target
Tights: Bella

This felt like such an easy outfit to put together, and I realized it’s all different pieces from my 30 for 30 (for the most part). I feel like enough time has passed (a month) and it finally feels safe to wear these pieces again. I didn’t realize I was avoiding them until I put a bunch of them together. Also, this is a bikeable outfit for me. Also also, there’s mud on my pretty shoes from biking. Also also also, every time I had to add another article of clothing to my thrifted outfit line, I felt more like a hipster. Just wait until next week. I’m really excited for something, and that something is definitely going to level me up to the next level of hipster. Because, you know, it’s my dream in life to level up in hipster-dom.


4 responses to “Sequins: Seeing Red

  1. Way to rock the tied belt!

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      Haha thanks! I’m so proud of finally figuring out this one type of knot, and one day, I imagine I’ll learn even more…

  2. Sorta not related, but I LOVE your nails in this pic. I hope that maybe you included them in your other blog. 🙂
    No shame in the red game. Be redical! (See what I did there?) And I’m excited about your hipster-dom level up item. The suspense!!!
    (I do love your outfit, though. Glad you’re starting to rock your 30 for 30 stuff. I enjoyed those articles of clothing a lot and was starting to miss seeing them.)

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      Redical–I like it. And yeah, I show off my nails in the next outfit post I have coming up They chipped really fast, so I’m just glad I managed to get a photo of them! Next week should be pretty friggin’ awesome, let me tell you.

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