Stripes: Dying to Craft

Yes, you heard me right; I’ve got the crafting itch. These last few months, with the mono monster and graduation and schoolwork, have left me with little to no time to craft. Now I have a ton of built up crafty energy and I’ve been pinning fun projects like crazy to pinterest…a recipe for some serious crafty productiveness starting the day after graduation.

In honor of my weird pinning obsession/intense crafting itch, here are a few of my top projects:

This is the cutest little bank ever! And now that I am [almost] done with college, I’ve really gotta start saving my pennies!

I bought a set of bangles planning to do this to, but sadly they’ve sat naked in my bathroom for months.

It’s not really a secret, I love all things organization. This tutotial promises to teach me how to make adorable little boxes to keep track of all the knick knacks that I seem to attract…I’m going to be in organized heaven!

These birdhouses are sooooo cool!!!

And finally, I’ve really been wanting to paint more. There just something so nice about how easy it is to pack up some watercolors, a couple brushes, and a bit of paper .

Anyone else have a list of crafts you want to do? Anything else you think I should do?!


One response to “Stripes: Dying to Craft

  1. What lovely links & things to peek at it. I’m in dire need of modcloth’s desk organization…. off to take a peek! xo

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