Stripes: Sometimes

Sometimes I like to pretend I am a model and I photoshop my pictures. And sometimes I love them. A lot.

Sometimes I’m not quite sure what I am doing. And sometimes my eyes are reflective enough that you can see Miss Sequins if you look hard enough.

Sometimes I am a big old grump and am overly skeptical.

Sometimes I make weird faces and look a little awkward (only because I am a little awkward).

Sweater:H&M//Skirt:Gap//Belt:Wet Seal

And sometimes I feel like I’m not sure really whats going on any more. This week really marks the start of my transition out of college: it’s my last week of classes, it’s my last week of volunteer work, it’s my last crunch time before finals, it’s the last time I am going to see some of my friends for a long while. I can feel all the impending changes and as ready as I feel some days, other days I am shaking in my boots.

Anyone have some words of wisdom for a soon to be college graduate? Anything to calm these pre-graduation nerves?


4 responses to “Stripes: Sometimes

    • Thanks! Miss Sequins is the best photographer…aside from her Monsieur. That man is amazing with a camera.

      • C Marica (Sequins)

        Aw, thank you! And yeah, Monsieur totally is. He’s also patient, which is like the most important quality for photographing us đŸ˜‰

      • Hahaha and he’s got some sort of weird luck where his pictures are perfect….I’ll never forget the photoshoot week did where he took just three pictures and they were all perfect. You’ve got a keeper, that’s for sure!

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