Sequins: I Placed A Bird Upon It

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’m assuming everyone knows the reference in my blog title, so yeah… I went there. But, in all honesty, it’s true! I’ve been adding my favorite new little accessory to just about every outfit I have.

I wrote more about how I actually made it on my other blog, should you be curious. I’m planning something big with that, so you know, watch out for that.

This is possibly the most “boring” outfit I’ve put together, but that really shows how often I’m predisposed to overdoing it. This outfit is comfortable, fun and (let’s keep this on the down-low, eh?) SUPER busty. Like oh-my-goodness-maybe-not-work-appropriate-but-only-because-I’m-a-prude-kind of busty. Also, the more I stare at this picture, the more I’m like “Time for a haircut, mmm?” It’s getting a little mop-top-y. Ugh. I mean, if you can’t spike it up in a fabulous bird-of-paradise-kind of way, then what’s the point of short hair, I’d like to ask?

(How many more overly-hyphenated-types of descriptions do you think I can fit in this post? Getting too crowded with those yet? No? Good! Moving on!)

And I’ll just put this out there, but I have (had?) no intention of being a “thrifty” blogger. I never really intended to go the “and everything I’m wearing is,  like, totally for sure real thrifted”. But, um, everything I’m wearing–except the tights!– is thrifted. They were some suh-weet finds, let me tell you. Oh, wait, no–my sweater is something that was lifted from my sister’s closet eons ago. And then I made my pin myself. But the jacket, dress, and shoes are thrift store deals.

I used to work at a shop where the dress code was black and white. For a while, it included gray as well, and let me tell you–I think I kind of blew the manager’s mind with vibrant and crazy looking I could make black and white look. It was a fun game to play, and that’s definitely the source of inspiration I was pulling from this morning with my mix-and-match polka dot theme going on.

The more it gets warmer and drier, the more ecstatic I am about these polka dot shoes. Like, oh man, guys. They’re kind of the bee’s knees. They’re completely useless for when it’s wet outside since they’re made of fabric, but holy crap. They’re comfortable, they’re adorable, and they go with almost everything I own. It was a match made in heaven.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite faces to make. Is that weird, to have a favorite face? Also, and what potentially makes this even weirder, is this is only my favorite face when I have short hair. I’m much less likely to make it when my hair is long. But if you know me in real life, you’ll recognize this face. It screams I’M BORED SLASH ANTSY OH MY GOD LETS GO RIDE PONIES OR EAT SNOWCONES.

It’s also the face I make when Stripes has taken more close up shots than I’m feeling comfortable with. Moment of truth? I don’t enjoy having my photos taken. I know it’s weird to start a fashion blog up and say that, but I’m super self conscious. About, like, everything. I think recording my outfits is a good and fun way to help me push past it, and having a great bestie (Stripes) to do it with makes it even better. Which is to say, this face, at this particular moment, is saying OH MY GOD LET THIS MOMENT BE OVER SOON

And I’ve managed to showcase my abilities to write not one but TWO entire paragraphs about a face. And now I want a snowcone…


2 responses to “Sequins: I Placed A Bird Upon It

  1. Tee hee…oh, black, white, and gray. Good times! Anyhow, I thought I was the only one obsessed with the super-hyphenated phrases. I recently started to get self-conscious about them and so started to break a few punctuation rules so it didn’t look like my posts were one big long hyphenated string of words. Which reminds me: I really need to brush up on parenthesis usage rules. I find I use them a lot in my stream-of-consciousness writing. Hmm, I really am an English dork.

    I’m in love with those shoes, too. In fact, when you put up your blog post about your new striped wedges and commented that you didn’t have any cute shoes, my mind immediately flashed to these very shoes and I was momentarily saddened that you might’ve grouped them into the “boring shoes” category, but I’m glad that you really didn’t. 🙂

    I like your tights, too. I’ve been seeing black-polka-dot-on-white print everywhere lately, especially on fluffy skirts, and it makes me really really want something with that pattern on it. It looks more retro and classic to me than the dark background/light polka dots that I’m used to seeing (and have a few articles of clothing of in my wardrobe). The “reverse” dark-dot-on-light-background also looks super-stunning with a blush pink dress or shirt. Almost vintagey looking (and now I think this is the most I’ve ever written about polka dots).

    As for having a favorite face, I too have one. It’s one where I have my mouth open wide in half-shock, half-playfulness. It frustrates my buttoned-up mother a lot, because she wants to have a “pretty, proper” picture of her daughter, but I get self-conscious at the last minute and use that face to mask my insecurity.

    There’s oh so much more that I can say, but I’ll just leave it at that.


    • C Marica (Sequins)

      Oh I totally pull out my “face” when my dad has a camera. It just destroys him and his sensibilities (or just his desire to have a decent picture of his youngest)!

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