Stripes: A Smart Announcement

Today is a monumental day for me. I am joining the developed world because today is the day I got an iPhone.

I originally was super hesitant to get an iPhone. When I last got to upgrade my phone a year and a half ago I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be connected to the world 24/7 and I was terrified of breaking. But today, I face my fears, open this box and join the world of smart phones.

While I anticipate a pretty significant learning curve (I’ve had a MacBook for just under a year, I’m still 99% sure I only utilize about 15% of the features it offers…I’m sloooooow to explore technology), I am beyond excited to play with it and adapt to a world filled with words with friends and angry birds.

And with that, I leave you…gotta play with my new toy!!


4 responses to “Stripes: A Smart Announcement

  1. Great purchase! Welcome to the iPhone world! lol

  2. You are going to love it!! 🙂 its the best money I’ve ever spent! next to the iPhone only my kindle 🙂 ❤

    • Haha thanks, I think it is second only to my MacBook…and this is one close second! I feel like my life is enhanced now that I have both. So many ways to organize my life!

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