Sequins: The Ups and Downs of Pet Ownership

I don’t really intend to turn into the ratta version of the crazy cat lady fashion blogger, which is why you haven’t heard a whole lot about Monsieur and I’s foray into pet ownership. Also, though, about two weeks after we took the plunge, we got to deal with the downs of pet ownership–we lost one of them.

Not as in, we misplaced one of our rattas, but unfortunately Grendel turned out to have some horrible uterine tumor and she died. She was definitely a tiny little runt of a thing, and her Rex whiskers, Dumbo ears and lack of hair definitely proved that she was all about those recessive genes. Talk about getting the short end of the stick…

After watching Harper mourn her littermate for a few days, our hearts couldn’t take it and we went back to the petstore to see if any of her sisters were still left. There was, and after some deliberation and discussion (wherein Monsieur utilized his big ol’ puppy eyes, pleading the new rat’s case like I’ve never seen before), we took Harper’s sister home. We were worried about how well she’d adjust to having a new rat to share her space with, but our worries were for naught–they’ve spent 99% of the time glued to the hip. They’re adorable and it was exactly what Harper needed. So without further ado,

Harper left, Gibson right

I tried to get a solo shot of Gibson, but remember when I said they’re inseparable? Wasn’t exaggerating! They’re pretty adorable, and it was a good decision. We still definitely miss our goofy Grendel, though. It was definitely lame, losing her right when she was getting really brave and friendly with us.

better believe she’d do anything for a piece of pasta


4 responses to “Sequins: The Ups and Downs of Pet Ownership

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      You sound like you’ve been converted ๐Ÿ™‚ I think they’re pretty adorable, too. Watching them cuddle is just precious beyond words! Wait until I get a good picture of them hiding in their tube…

  1. Aw, I’m so sorry to hear about Grendel. Is that her in the bottom picture? If so, I can really see how she got her name. She does look like the Grendel I have in my head…in the best, cutest possible way, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m glad to know, though, that you kept it in the family with the new one. Gibson is adorable and it’s great that she gets along well with Harper.

    Anyways, the thing about lifestyle blogs is that we get to hear about your life. I don’t think you’re turning into crazy rat blogger at all. It makes you more human to hear about things besides fashion. Though, I do like seeing your cute outfits, too! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. So sorry about Grendel – it is heartbreaking to lose a little one so soon. I’m sure she was happy for her time with you and knew she was loved, and that is what matters. You did absolutely the right thing in getting Harper’s sister so quickly – they hate being alone, and often after a few days will welcome any company without a murmur.

    Scritches to Harper and Gibson from me and my gang!

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