Stripes: Babyface

After seeing these pictures, my first thought was “Man, I look like I’m a kid”. This isn’t the first time I’ve been blatantly aware of my tendency to look a little young, since I was 5 years old people have come up and told me-to my face-that I had such a sad looking face which, which as I got older, turned into “you look stoic” (read: super grumpy) because my eyes were disproportionately big on my face and when my mouth is in a neutral state it is slightly turned down kinda like a frown. I’m not quite sure why people decided to say things like that to me since they aren’t particularly nice things to say, but it has made me aware of my youthful appearance for a while.

Funny enough (seeing as I had just taken these pictures), yesterday in my psychology class we were discussing 2 kinds of faces: the babyface and the mature face. While my face doesn’t fit all the criteria for a babyface it is about 1000x more baby than mature (yes, that’s an approximation…I don’t promise you good math around these parts but I can promise poor use to estimation!). And sometimes that kind of sucks. Babyface people are deemed “cute” and I think that’s great and all, but it can be kind of hard to look like you have sex appeal and for that I am infinitely jealous of my “mature face” friends who look super hot and effortless in their yoga pants and t-shirts while, when I sport the same outfit, I look out of place and like I’m going to a slumber party. I suppose I had never thought about it in such black and white terms before that class, but yes, some people’s faces are just “cute” and some are just “hot” (Megan Fox, I’m looking at you). I’m sure there are those super lucky ladies who tow the line and pull off both those looks, but I’m here to tell ya, I don’t. I am stuck with my cute babyface and that “hot” look utterly alludes me.


While I have found several perks to having a babyface over the years (let’s be real, people often underestimate me largely because they assume I am in high school, and I take some serious joy out of blowing their minds when I prove them wrong…have I mentioned I am somewhat competitive? Yeah just a little.) I have also realized that there is no ideal face and both have their perks and downsides (though the downsides tend to be similar across the spectrum of lady faces and probably are symptoms of our own society’s issues with women and sexuality…woah things just got deep).

Anyone been called out for looking sad or anything else (the reactions to my face have spanned the gamete-sad, angry, stoic, cute) but it’s really just how your face looks? That’s always an awkward conversation with people…”no, I’m fine, seriously, that’s just how my face looks”. Anyone else feel like modern day society underestimates or make false assumptions about you? How do you like to prove society wrong?

Have a happy Thursday!


8 responses to “Stripes: Babyface

  1. C Marica (Sequins)

    I don’t know if it’s my face or just that I’m shy, but I get a lot of “I thought you were really stuck up when I first met you” from people. So maybe I have a classic “bitch face” or something. *Sigh

    You do look super adorable in that outfit, though, and I’m kinda toying with the idea of giving you a new side button with the second-to-last picture. I think our blog needs a summer-y makeover.

    • One of my favorite bloggers, Charlotte over at The Great Fitness Experiment, wrote a whole post on bitch face because she wanted to make sure she wasn’t the only person who had one, so I suppose that puts you in some good company.

      And I would so be up for a summer make over!

  2. Cute! Love your dress.

    Often when I’m serious, thinking or just watching something I will look really intense and possibly mad. A lot of times Kevin or my friends will ask if I’m ok and I get so confused – I guess my resting face looks upset!

  3. You are the cutest. I love everything about your outfit, especially the headband!!

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