Stripes: Oh la la!

As I’ve mentioned many-a-time, I sing with some pretty cool people and last Saturday night we decided to throw ourselves a formal dance! (I totally planned to post this on Sunday but due to technical difficulties I was unable to…life happens.) Can I please take 5 seconds to say how much I LOVE this dress?! And, making it all the more sweet, it’s one of my most epic thrift store finds to date.

I picked up this little Banana Republic number four years at a local thrift store for $20 or $30. Although there aren’t all that many reasons to wear such a fancy dress in my everyday college life (aside from playing dress up which is always a fun game!) I’ve held onto this dress waiting for the best opportunities to bust it out.

I also vamped up my make up…a lot. Despite looking like one seriously hot mess at the end of the dance (what can I say I dance it out like a champ) I was soooo excited to have a chance to try out some flashy eye make up because, again, there aren’t all that many opportunities in my day to day life to wear 5 lbs of make up.

(This is a candid that shows off just how graceful I am in heels…yeah. If you happened to be wondering why I don’t sport fancier shoes more often, this is why.)

(Dress:Thrifted Banana Republic//Clutch:Old Navy//Shoes:Target)

So there you have it, me being all fancy! Now I just need to learn how to pose in my nice duds and I will be all set to be the next Kate Middleton or at least Michelle Obama (who totally would wear Banana Republic, just sayin’).

2 responses to “Stripes: Oh la la!

  1. That color is stunning on you! I agree, that is definitely a primo thrift store find. I’m not one for heels, either, but I’ve slowly been introducing them into my wardrobe (much to the glee of my heel-obsessed mother) because I’m short and I’m getting too lazy to hem. Plus, I find they give my outfits the classy/mature kick it needs.

    Would’ve loved to have seen a closeup on your eye makeup. Have you perfected eyeliner yet? 🙂

    • I attempted a winged look but them messed it up horribly and spent 5 minutes trying to strategically remove/fix my eye make up after that catastrophe! lol. And unfortunately we took these pictures while we were running into the building about 45 minutes late (we were having issues getting the group awards printed…epic issues) so in the rush I completely forgot about my face. But when I got home that night (and post 2 hours of essentially Zumba) I looked like one serious hot mess, I can tell ya that much 😛

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