Sequins: Change My Eyes To Match The Color Of My Hair?

Okay, I’ve tried to find the clip everywhere but with no luck. Anyone remember what that line is from?

When Dorothy gets her makeover after entering the Emerald City, there’s a part where the woman look at Dorothy and trill “We can even change the color of your eyes to match the color of your hair!” and she sings it back to them, confused but excited.

The scene stuck with me, what can I say? It always mildly freaked me out to think of them changing her eye color. In retrospect, they probably meant eyeshadow, but still. Creepy…

Anyway, that’s what popped in my head when I achieved my milder (and much less permanent) version:

I changed my clothes to match the colors of my nails!

I had fun playing with my nails, and I wanted my outfit to match. I really had no clue if I had all the color components, but as it turns out–I do! It was a moment of ultimate triumph. Also, you can see the details of my nails on my other blog, over here.

Sweater: Thrifted/ Belt: H&M/ Shire: Element/ Skirt: Handmade by Me/ Tights: Macy’s (gift)/ Shoes: Seychelles

Also, I think this outfit proves I’m finally (finally!) getting into my spring time groove.

2 responses to “Sequins: Change My Eyes To Match The Color Of My Hair?

  1. I’m a fan of purple and green combo, myself. Check out my Fugiwara jacket on Sewville. Love the nails, by the way… tres funky… in a good way.

  2. I’m biased because purple & green were my wedding colors, so of course I love the combo. 🙂 I love that skirt and the color on you! Alas, it’s a Sequins original and so I can’t recommend it to anyone. LoL. Lucky for you, though, that you probably won’t run into anyone else with that same skirt. Love the nails, too, and am excited to see the all-glitter/stripe nails! I especially love the red/green pinky nail. It reminds me of a strawberry. Yay for getting into your spring groove! You definitely wear spring well!

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