Stripes: My Big News

(This is me looking off into the awesomeness that is the future.)

I realized this afternoon that a week ago I promised some exciting news but I hadn’t hd a chance to come up with the time to write out a proper post to tell you all about it. Well folks, THE TIME HAS COME.

I got into the paralegal program of my dreams at a really cool university not too far from my parents’ house. 

Which means, logistics aside (like the massive amount of driving to and from home/school/work I’m about to do), that next year is going to be crazy awesome!

Time for a little background on all this, I originally thought the only place near my parents’ house (yes, I’m moving home. yes, it is also an amazing gift my parents are offering me so I can finally save enough money to be completely independent) that had a paralegal program was one of the local community colleges. The classes would have been during the day and did not require any prior higher education (although a BA took one year off the total finish time). The program I ended up getting into is specifically intended for working individuals with their BA which means the classes are all in the evenings and it will only take 9 months to complete the program. Not only will I be able to live at home and go to school but I can get a full time job and save more money than I ever thought possible. So, yes, this is really, really exciting on my end of things.

I’m also pretty sure this fueled a good amount of my frustration toward summer fashion that I was complaining about on Wednesday; I know I am about to transition into a whole new style and self-identity as I transition into a “business woman” and I’m not quite sure how I want to adapt my style into a more mature sense of self. I’m SO excited to see where I take my wardrobe and the person I become in the next year. Clearly a lot of that will depend on where I end up getting a job. While an office setting is ideal, I might end up in a coffee shop or doing retail or something to make some money (and save hella! Seriously cannot wait to be out of the poor college student phase of my life).

dress:Gap//Purse:Lucky Brand//Sunglasses:Ray Ban//Sandals:Aldo

Anyone ever become a certified paralegal? What did you think? Any suggestions for things I should do (or not do)?


One response to “Stripes: My Big News

  1. Great News!! Good Luck! I’m at home too so it’s cool.

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