Stripes: Climb

I realize I’ve mentioned very little about the physically active stuff I like to do on the blog due in large part to it having just been winter and the fact that I just had mono (which made walking a mile feel like running a marathon). Despite the recent monopocalypse, I am actually a really healthy person (never broken a bone, getton sticktes, been sick with more than a cold for more than three days or ever had a cavity-not that I’m bragging or anything :P) so I do usually take part in a wide variety of activities. Today, as I got ready for my first time making it to the gym in about 2 months, I thought it would be fun to show you what I wear for rock climbing!

I started climbing a couple months ago and really enjoy it (although I still hate the feeling of falling). I loss a TON of arm muscle mass-not that I had much to start with-while I had mono so today was kind of a lame climb for me but I still had fun hanging out with some friends and watching them spiderman their way up the walls! And, just so you don’t think that I could climb in Toms (which have approximately no traction), I do also have climbing shoes but they didn’t make it into the picture.

And yes, I love wearing my nerd shirt! (Ok, it’s one of many nerd shirts. Gotta rep the AP program!)

Shirt:High School//Shorts:Nike via TJ MAXX//Leggings:Target//Shoes:Toms

Does anyone out there like to climb also? Or is anyone starting to get back in shape? I’ve got a lot of work ahead and would love to hear about what you guys do and activities I should try!

2 responses to “Stripes: Climb

  1. Love your workout shorts 🙂 I like to run, unfortunately it’s been so humid here lately that I’ve had to run indoors on the treadmill.

    • Thanks! I got them forever ago and they’ve held up well for sure. I wish I liked running! I’ve tried so hard and just never been able to get into it.

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