Stripes: Procrastination in 3 Steps or Less

Life I mentioned in my last post, this is my most intense mid-terms week of the quarter and I realized I could write a manual on procrastination so, written (for the most part anyways) while I should be studying, here is “How to Procrastinate in 3 Steps or Less”.

(Sorry for the blurriness, it was really rainy during our shoot!)

Step 1: Add Sound

Procrastination is not nearly as entertaining if you’re sitting in a silent room, I mean that’s why libraries are quiet. Silence increases productivity. And that’s not our goal. So, please, plug in those headphones and do one of the following things:

Youtube: a classic. How can you possibly study while there are 50,000 videos of puppies trying to climb onto couches or little kids giving motivational speeches? These will pump you up and help you feel empowered when the time really does come to bust out a bunch of work. Then there’s the music video aspect of this site. Gotta have your tunes! So why not select, song for song, what your study playlist should be? I mean the songs really need to portray a “I’m ready to kick butt” and “Getting stuff done” vibe otherwise all future attempts at productivity will be essentially futile.

Pandora: tunage at it’s best. If you’ve realized that after watching 27 music videos on youtube, that you need a more structured approach to music selection but want to listen to music you don’t have on iTunes, then this is the place for you. So why not try out Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, Muse, Adelle, or 90’s pop music stations and get the creative flow started. No better way then letting other people’s creativity rub off on you, right?

-iTunes: As alluded to in the previous section, this is one of the more limited music options but you have the most control. So why not make a playlist filled with songs that really get your brain going and time it down to the second for when you’re working on whatever you’re supposed to be doing?

Step 2: Get Visual

Blog time. Now that you’ve gotten pumped, empowered, and created the best playlist ever it’s time to take a break (that was a lot of work) so what’s the first logical choice? Blogs, duh! These blogs are my favorite for kicking back, relaxing, and remembering that life is alright while in the midst of a study marathon:

Yes & Yes: Always good for an article about some far away place, interesting stories about people’s lives, and links to the coolest things out in the interwebs. This will help open your mind to new thoughts and help you think outside the box when you just can’t think of anything to do for your work. It’s always good to get fresh perspectives!

Living Yellow: She is a favorite ’round these parts. Her posts that read like you’re talking to your bff and she is the epitome of adulthood coolness…so why not spend sometime dreaming about how awesome your life is going to be when you’re done with whatever you were supposed to be doing?

The Great Fitness Experiment: Charlotte is one of my favorites out here in the blogosphere. Not only is she ridiculously awesome and funny (not to mention hers was the first blog I regularly followed) but she also can teach you how to get that booty you’ve always wanted. Wether you’ve always wanted to try martial arts, ballet, or P90x she’s done it all and will tell you the good, bad, and ugly of her adventures. What better resource to look at so you can dream about the workouts you’ll be able to do when you don’t have so much work to do?

Psychology Today: So you can figure out why you’re so stressed and how to stop procrastinating. Yep. Pretty much.

Step 3: Socialize

Now that you are inspired and the future looks delightful, it’s time to share your thoughts and feelings with the world. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but when there are things that people just can’t seem to start on (aka-procrastinating) the total amount of time these people spend on a social media site goes up by approximately 900%.

Facebook: Of course, the classic. Who could try to procrastinate without checking with site (aside from ‘those people’ who don’t have one >.>)? Now that you can chat with your old friend from elementary school to finally catch up and try to figure out why it’s been so long since you last hung out while watching the creep crawl on the side, you will be in the know. And what’s more important than that?

Twitter: Admittedly, I am a recent convert to this social phenomenon and all I can say is there is something always going on in the land of Twitter. So while you’re trying to take a few minutes to regroup and refocus, why not read through your twitter feed and remember how many cool things are going on in the world as we speak?

Pinterest: Gotta have somewhere to organize everything you learned in the last several hours of distraction.

And there you have it, how to procrastinate like a pro in 3 steps or less. Or less? You may be asking, yes, it really only takes one of these steps to keep busy for hours on end so feel free to mix it up and put the pro in procrastinate!

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How do YOU like to procrastinate?


2 responses to “Stripes: Procrastination in 3 Steps or Less

  1. I love this post! Well done. I do about the same. I’m glad I have some new blogs to check out now

    • The irony of writing this post was that it started as a form of procrastination from studying for my 2 exams today but once the exams were over and I was putting the finishing touches on, I started procrastinating finishing my post about procrastination! It became this weird Inception-like thing!

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