Sequins 30 for 30 Hello Weekend

Hello weekend. It’s so good to see you. Like, so so good.
Hello new haircuts, and hello beer tasting fundraising event. Hello crazy brick walls and bows in my hair.

Hello coffee dates with my favorite guy ever, and hello finishing up two books, both incredibly different from each other but incredibly good in their own right. Hello to the books I’m excited to start working on.

Hello working plumbing (yay!) and hello cheating on my 30 for 30 picks (wait till you see my shoes. In my defense, this month was really the swan song for my black plaid shoes. The fabric connecting to the sole has several inch-long rips, and the shoes are goners. Today’s were my insta-replacements. Pulled from my own wardrobe.)

Hello new nailpolish, applied today (and it’s already chipped because I’m an impatient person). It’s called “Chinchilly” by Essie, and the name makes me giggle every time.

Hello Monsieur, playing the guitar in the background while I write this post.

Sweater: H&M/ Shirt: Nordstroms/ Tank: Target/ Skirt: 36 Point 5/ Necklace & Shoes: Thrifted

Oh and lastly? Hello to theft, as I steal Lisa Leonard’s Hello format because I’m too lazy to write a real post today. Hello to a mild case of blogger-burnout from daily posting this month, and hello to a fun day ahead of me!


2 responses to “Sequins 30 for 30 Hello Weekend

  1. I’m not sure if this comment took the first time, so I’m leaving it again then giving up:

    Sounds like you’ve been having a great weekend! And very productive but in a fun, creative way. Those are the best kinds of weekends. 🙂

    Another great outfit! Perhaps the thing I love the most is how the owl necklace gives a fun nod back to your orange feather shirt. I’ve really been loving that shirt on you ever since its introduction awhie back. I think it suits you well. And I’m absolutely loving all the new things: haircut, shoes, and nail color (which I really have to get for my friend now, because she’s super-obsessed with chinchillas…she’s had two and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both, which…meeting and petting a chinchilla was on my Things to Do Before I Die list). I also hear you on the blog burnout. It’s not easy posting every day, but I applaud you for doing it! I’m thinking I might just need a reset button.

    So I’m guessing you haven’t been able to access your cool watercolor pics that you did yet? I was quite enjoying and getting used to them.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post, and I’m hoping to finally catch up on my commenting tomorrow, so expect more new things! 🙂

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      Thanks! The weekend was no where near as productive as I wanted it to be, but alas, such is life. This outfit is definitely in one of my top faves. The orange shirt has totally grown on me–I’m really glad I included it in my 30 for 30, mostly because it helped me figure out how on earth to wear it!

      I do have access to my watercolor pics, I was just being lazy and thought no one would notice if they weren’t up there 😉 Busted!

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