Stripes: An Ode to Coldplay Day 25

Can I just say, after having written this post, that this was one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write! I seriously had issues limiting myself to a reasonable number of songs.

Tonight is the day I’ve been waiting for since I was in middle school: I get to see Coldplay live!!! Gahhh! So, in addition to my outfit (at the bottom) I thought it would be fun to put a bunch of my favorite Coldplay songs in my post today. Here you go!


You’ll have to excuse the boringness of my outfit-it’s the last lab day of the challenge.

Shirt: Target

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear

What’s everyone else’s favorite Coldplay songs?!

[Edit: Hey guys sorry I changed out the picture, I didn’t realize the first one was so blurry. I mean, it’s not like I posted it while in the middle of class or anything…cause of course I would *never* do that.]

4 responses to “Stripes: An Ode to Coldplay Day 25

  1. I have a hard time limiting myself to one favorite Coldplay songs. Politik, Everything’s Not Lost, Shiver, Hurts Like Heaven are one of top ones.

    Have fun at the gig! Have you ever seen them live before?

    • No I haven’t but a couple summers ago they played at the Gorge which isn’t too far from where I live (but I was out of town at the time) and apparently it was an AMAZING show so I’ve been absolutely dying to see them since! Gahhhh I cannot wait!

  2. have fun!! my favorite coldplay song would probably be yellow 🙂 x

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