Stripes: Stretch or No Stretch? Day 24

I have something to confess (that I’m sure I’ve mentioned before): I am a noob to the whole no stretch jeans thing. This pair of pants in the only one I own that has 0% spandex/lycra blended into the cotton and I am slowly falling in love with them.

I really really love these jeans but I am still not completely used to the lack of stretch going on around the waist and butt. All my round bottom girls out there know what I am talking about. My waist is substantially smaller then my hips which leaves about 2″ of excess fabric around the waistband on these pants making it hard to sit down sometimes. And so I was scared when buying them. I’d been told that skinny jeans were supposed to be a no-no for girls with my body shape and that stretch was essential so I could sit in my pants. But you know what? These pants rebel against all of that, and I love it!

I definitely an grateful of the 30 for 30 for giving me a nudge to get me to wear these without boots (why I originally bought them) and fully embrace not only the jeans but also my body in these jeans.


I’ve started playing around with PicMonkey an online photo editor so hopefully I can start phasing in so cool new pictures!

Shirt: Old Navy

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Toms

Anyone else have the same apple bottom shape as me? How do you feel about skinny jeans? Do you own any jeans without stretch? How do you deal with this not so bad problem (not going to lie, guys love a little junk in the trunk…or so I’ve heard 😉 )


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