Stripes: One Week It’s Day 23

With only one week to go until my whole wardrobe is mine again, I am chopping at the bit. I MISS MY CLOTHES! I picked mainly “winter” colors and spring is in full fledge up here as I write this. I cannot wait to throw on some of my bright tank tops and not have to worry about if I’ve already worn that combination before because it will no longer matter.

That is definitely the part of being this far into the challenge, I can’t remember what I have worn vs things I thought about wearing so getting dressed in the mornings has become quite the ordeal trying to pull together an outfit and all. This is making getting ready in the morning really challenging and has resulted in my trying on about 5 outfits everyday trying to get ready and make a new outfit.


Sweater: Old Navy

Tank: A&E

Skirt: Gap

Shoes: Lucky Brand

6 responses to “Stripes: One Week It’s Day 23

  1. C Marica (Sequins)

    I think you’re safe–this one is definitely new (and super cute). I like your pop of green!

    • haha thanks! It was the third one I tried on this morning…one of the others was rather unflattering and the other one was an outfit I already did so this was a lucky combo.

      • C Marica (Sequins)

        I was thinking about it yesterday but I definitely need to pull out my excel document and figure out which pairings I still have left. I think I’ve been just focusing on making sure my accessories are different, which makes it count as a different outfit…. That way it’s not the end of the world if I slip up a bit. As long as it looks different! That’s what I keep telling myself…

      • Haha, yeah this feels the the first week again when everything was new and it took some practice to get in the swing of things. This is going to be an interesting week outfit wise!

  2. I’m kinda of glad I didn’t end up doing this challenge lol you’re almost there!

    • You soooo should! It’s a challenge but challenges are good for you! And I feel like I’ve gotten more in touch with my personal style in this process. It’s totally worth it.

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