Stripes: An Honest Day Day 22

Today was supposed to be filled with a romp through a tulip field but between another mono flare up on my end and another friend’s minor emergency we decided to move our plans to next weekend. And now my plans for today are to lie in bed and be sick all day. So, I am not getting dressed today. Sorry folks. No pictures from me today but if you want a rough idea of what I look like imagine my face with a pink sweat shirt and gray sweats and hair thats going all over the place (seriously…hot mess right here).

In lieu of photos today (don’t need my sick blehhh face floating around the internet), here are some videos that have been making this recuperation process a little less lonely.

I recently discovered Louis Theroux and I am in love with his documentaries. This is an excerpt from one he did on medicated children.

This is a really weird video of two sloths kissing…yeah…I don’t know why I watched that.

One of my favorite a’capella covers. It’s not too often that you see a’capella and blue grass mesh.


A song that makes me kinda look forward to turning 24 in a year a half…kinda.

Yep, my brain is turning to mush.


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