Stripes: It’s Saturday! Day 21

And I don’t mean that in a Rebecca Black kind of way (*shiver*) and today’s post is going up kind of late, as you may have noticed, because I decided to focus on the outfit I am wearing to my friend’s birthday tonight! Now, when we started this challenge, I was shaking at my boots at the idea of having to think of  an outfit worthy of going to the bar (or, that would just fit in in that scene) with this wardrobe selection I currently have.

Unfortunately, I was really sick tonight so I didn’t actually plan to go to the bars so I wore these flats to the surprise party part of the night. Normally, I just wear comfy, kind of ugly shoes to the bars because stuff always ends up spilled on them and my feet always get stepped on so I’ve ruined many cute pairs of shoes going out. I learned pretty quickly on, that the shoes really don’t matter because it’s super hard to have fun in heels anyway.

I also got really into my eye make up. It’s been really fun experimenting and playing with my makeup!


Tank: A&E

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Lucky Brand

Earrings: Lucky Brand via Macy’s

So here you have it, my “going out” look with this wardrobe. It’s not quite my usual, cute bar/birthday look, but I’ll take it!

Anyone else have a fun Saturday night? Tell me about it in the comments…my social life has been especially boring since getting mono so please let me live vicariously through you!


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