Sequins 30 for 30: The Final Stretch

I’ve lost track of which outfits I’ve worn, and which I haven’t. I think this skirt and two other shirts are the only ones I haven’t really showcased, but that’s okay. So pop quiz! What does…

Sequins + Three Crazy Busy Weeks At Work + Friday Failed Plans + Photoshoot = ?

This, my friends. This is what that equation equals.

The details of Friday are completely unimportant, but they ended with a couple bottles of wine between Monsieur and I, with our good (friggin’ awesome) friends Lace & her Fiance. We ended up watching this British show, Jekyll. It was pretty good! All in all, the day didn’t turn out so shabby.

Today is full of me working on my other blog project. Remember that other blog I have? The one I haven’t updated at all? Just wait! Big things are coming!

Hope everyone else is having a great (and hopefully lazy) Saturday!

PS In case you’re wondering, yes I am totally fantasizing about what clothes I’m going to wear May 1st!

Jacket: Target/ Sweater: H&M/ Shirt: Thrifted/ Skirt: Handmade by me/ Tights: American Apparel/ Shoes: Soda


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