Sequins 30 for 30: Post Graduation Life

Okay, so I’ll admit–I read Stripes’ post before writing this. And, since she did a shout out asking for people on their post-college experiences, I figured what better way than write mine as a blog post? For the record, I’ve known Stripes through my transition from student to working adult, so none of this is really going to be shocking news to her.

I’m not a type A person. I’m also not a type B person. I’m someone who can shift on the continuum between A and B, sometimes hitting F and R, or even a W every now and then. I alternate between being a perfectionist and not caring at all. I went into school excited, then I burned myself out and took some time off. When I went back for my final year, I went back with a vengeance and surprised myself by doing really well. Well enough to consider graduate school (oh man is that a different topic for a different day!).

Going to work full time has been roughly the same process. There are days where I love it and days where I wonder why on earth I’m doing what I’m doing, but overall it’s a smooth transition. It does help that I didn’t leave the town I went to college in, but one of the weird things was the shifting of my friends. The town we live in is super small, and very college focused with very little employment opportunity. Which means I’ve watched my friends leave as they graduate–heaven forbid, Stripes is next! It’s been different finding ways to reach out and meet people my own age who are in the working world, and it’s a little difficult to relate to students sometimes. It feels weird, but I’ve gained so much perspective about time management and how to establish workable priorities now that I’m out of school, and sometimes I have a hard time accepting that my still-in-school friends don’t have that same perspective.

This feels really disjointed, but that’s really how my post-college life has been like. I graduated in December 2010 and had a full time job in July of 2011 (I was part time at that same place for months while I was still a student). I’ve had time to feel settled and safe, and I’m really grateful that I didn’t have to experience the panic and uncertainty that stems from not knowing what you want to do with your life, combined with facing a very unfriendly job market.

I don’t want to feel too comfortable and stagnant, though, that I forget to dream lofty dreams for myself. We’ll see.

And now on to lighter topics, like what I wore yesterday. Hint: It includes a scarf. I know, it’s been a while.

Sweater: Target/ Skirt: Thrifted, 36 Point 5/ Shirt: Sojourner/ Shoes: Modcloth/ Scarf: Palestine/ Belt: Thrifted/ Earrings: F21



4 responses to “Sequins 30 for 30: Post Graduation Life

  1. That skirt is lovely!

  2. Great outfit in general and on you… nice color combo. I think once I read stripes’s post, I will write a post like this too. Might as well keep the trend going. I’ve had a couple new directions so why not talk about it.

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