Stripes: A Quick List Day 17

As I sit here, still in the throes of this darn mono (now, new and improved with a special ear infection feature) I’ve had a lot of time to think. A lot. And I’ve thought about a lot of things: Where my life is headed, the things that make me happy, why Dr. Phil is considered a doctor, why do people like leather bags that are covered in neon paint…all sorts of things. And so I wanted to compile a little list of things that I am grateful for/appreciate about my life.

-I am so grateful my friends and family have been here to listen to my complaints and offer help and support. I’m super duper grateful for this!

-I love that yesterday, for the first time ever, I explore “the other side of my bed”…I always sleep on the right side but halfway through yesterday I realized I could totally go to the right side and it would be easier to watch TV on my computer because I like to lay on my left side. It feels like and adventure over here!

-I am glad that quesadilla exist and that I made the best one ever yesterday.

-I am also grateful for pho.

-I love that I also explored the bottom right quadrant of my bed yesterday and then almost fell out, twice, because I forgot I was sitting at the end of my bed.

-I love that youtube has 10000000 episodes of really lame shows to watch. In the last two weeks I have marathon watched Dr. Phil, Tyra, Supersize vs Super Skinny, Too Fat for 15, and NBC Crime Mystery. Quality programing right there.

-I’m grateful not only for dark chocolate but also that it is somewhat healthy so I can eat it while sick and not feel great about it.

-I love my stuffed animal who has snuggled me through everything no matter how sick I got.

-I am grateful for Camelbak water bottles and how easy they make it to stay hydrated.

-And finally, I’m grateful for sweaters.


Sweater: Gap

Shirt: Gap

Jeans: Gap (I know, I chuckled when I put this outfit together; so much Gap!)

Shoes: Lucky Brand

What are you grateful for (silly or serious…I mean you all read my list)? Anyone else love the Gap as much as I do? What about the neon leather trend? Am I the only person who isn’t completely sold on it? Leave me some comments and let me know what you think!


One response to “Stripes: A Quick List Day 17

  1. Such a pretty outfit!
    I am now following your gorgeous blog.
    Would you mind checking mine out?
    – Karen.

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