Stripes: To be Honest Day 16

To be honest, today I feel awful. I am not good at fighting mono and its making yet another resurgence because I am terrible at saying no to doing fun things and getting good grades which are currently preventing me from getting enough rest. I have always been a “balls to the walls” kind of person. All nighter? Easy peasy. Write an entire term paper in one day? Been there done that (and got a B+). Work 13 straight hours all night? Cake (actually cookies and coffee…so much sugar and caffeine). But this slowing down and sleeping 8-10 hours a night business feels about 100 times more impossible than all my past sleep deprivation and crazy antics.

And so that’s how I got to where I am today. It is my fault for not sleeping enough and believing too wholeheartedly that the world does not stop when you’re sick. Sometimes your world does have to stop when you’re sick. This realization hit me as I walked across campus today. It seemed so obvious and simple. And, yet, I’m finding it hard to say no to stuff. I want to keep doing it all. But today when I woke up back in mono square one feeling like I have the flu and a migraine all wrapped in one.

So, despite the fact that I keep doing my hair and make up (everyone keeps commenting how much I don’t look like I have mono) so I can fake it till I make it (which really makes almost no sense in this situation but it feels better to actually get ready in the morning despite the fact that I feel awful), I indulged myself and wore the simplest, least stylish outfit ever on the blog (also, this is my mono sucks face).


Shirt: RENT

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Rocketdog via Famous Footwear

Luckily I only have one more test this week and then I can slow down the academic part of my life a little bit and I’ve made arrangements to skip a’capella rehearsal and my volunteer work so I am trying to slow down, I just find it SO hard!

Anyone else feel like they just can’t slow down their lives? How do you say no when you want to do something but you know you should do something else?


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