Sequins 30 for 30 Throwback Shower

As you may recall, I spent Sunday at a wedding shower for my step sister. (yes–the very same step sister who I stole a dress from). I found out (after I packed my outfit and traveled) that it was a throwback, fifties-themed shower. My sister let me know, and I berated her (and my step mom) for not giving me more of a warning. Her exact response?

“I asked [our step mom] if she told you there was a theme, but she said you always dress appropriate anyway.”

Thanks. I guess?

Anyway, I’ll have a whole post up (probably after the 30 for 30) about getting ready for this. My sister is my own personal Barbie doll and a ton of fun to dress up, so I made sure to get enough photos that I’ll do a guest post later. We both did some epic wing-tipped eyeliner and red lips. My eyeliner didn’t show up in any of the photos, though. Apparently my eyes scrunch together when I smile. Good to know… (Oh and yes, the glasses definitely don’t help)

Oh! And the headband is homemade. Monsieur & I gave a nice cold-drinks pitcher to my stepsister and her fiance, and I whipped up two bands to go around it. The first one looked mostly like what I’m wearing in my hair, so I made a second one to actually wear as a headband. Lots of fun. The topper was raffia string tied with a skeleton key. I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture, but I was (fairly) pleased with the outcome. Enough to give it, I suppose.

Dress: Sojourner/ Shoes: Soda/ Headband: Handmade/ Rings: F21/ Bracelets & Earrings: my sister's/ Tights: Gift from Stripes


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