Stripes: Beautiful Moments Day 15

Since I spent all of this morning at work, I thought it might be a little more interesting if I wrote a little something about yesterday because it was filled with so many beautiful moments. Sometimes, especially when it rains for 5 months straight, it’s easy to forget how beautiful our little town is up here. But yesterday, it was amazing. The morning started off very gray and around 2 or 3 the clouds broke and the sky became this:

I ended up at the bay studying and I actually got a lot done. Beyond that, however, I was just ridiculously happy. Like, smile on my face for no reason happy. I love that (although I think it may have been making the people sitting around me a little nervous…me sitting there, books open, with a giant grin on my face). I was having fun, despite the studying, and really just enjoyed my time I got to spend there.

I also had my first iced coffee of the year and boy have I apparently cut back on my caffeine intake! Admittedly I got the biggest size (hey the ice takes up a lot of space!) but I think I drank it too fast and I ended up in the back corner of the seating area twitching as I tried to condense my notes. It was soooo hard not to break out laughing but I was able to manage (mainly because they people around me really did think I was weird).

And then for dinner I got to make enchiladas for the first time! I’ve had them before but I’ve never made them so I was a little intimidated but one of my friends came over and we made dinner (oh heck yes it was from scratch!) and chatted for a while. We caught up on what’s going on in our lives, what it’s like transitioning out of college, future plans, and our little bits of personal gossip (about ourselves…it’s always more fun to gossip about yourself).

Yesterday was just plain beautiful and I enjoyed all of it. I got to sleep in (woot! slept for 14 hours! I’m a champion sleeper thanks to mono), I spent my day studying at my favorite bayside cafe, had my first iced coffee of the year, got some vitamin D, made yummy food (the enchiladas were uh-mazing…definitely making them again!), and caught up with a good friend. I couldn’t ask for anything more 🙂

And, today, I did have one high point at work; I made this epic platter of food for lunch! So yummy!


Shirt: Target

Pants: Gap

Shoes: Lucky Brand via Macy’s

And this was my attempt at getting a picture of me and my shoes, since I’ve been really bad about it lately…too bad the camera was not into this picture at all! Although, it is a lovely picture of my bike.

Anyone else having a beautiful weekend? or sleep for 14 hours? It was epic! AND today marks the official halfway point for our 30 for 30! These days have gone by much faster than I’d expected!

Oh, and you should totes follow us on Twitter if you like our random observations on life, we’ve been pretty good about posting lately!


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