Sequins: Ombre Tights Before They Were Cool

Yeah, so, prepare yourself for me to get my hipster mode in gear. But you know how cool ombre tights are on pinterest now? Yeah, well, so check out my ombre tights…..

The ombre tights that  I’ve had for about four years now.  Oh yeah, I’ll say it. I’ve had ombre tights before they were cool.

/Insert hipster face here.

…. You don’t believe me? Okay, fine. I’ve had ombre tights for four years, true, but this is the third time I’ve worn them. Ever. Because I didn’t by them intentionally. I was trying to buy a ridiculously bright pair of pink tights, but when I unfolded them I saw they faded. I thought it was a mistake. I was super disappointed and felt strange every.single.time I wore them.

Until Pinterest showed me how cool they are, that is!

Thank you, Pinterest, for helping me level up my hipster-snob factor!

Jacket Necklace Shirt & Skirt: H&M/ Tights: Target/ Purse: Meli Bianco/ Shoes: Modcloth


2 responses to “Sequins: Ombre Tights Before They Were Cool

  1. I’ve honestly always loved all things ombre. Ironically, my wardrobe doesn’t reflect that because I haven’t yet been able to find an ombre piece that looks good on me. I was oh-so-close yesterday with a beautiful purple ombre shirt, but alas, one size was too tight and the next size up was too baggy. So it kinda goes without saying, that “ombre” is currently on my top-10 list of clothing wants.

    Anyhow, I do like your tights and hope that being en vogue will inspire you to wear them more, because they really are fantastic. And I must say that the outfit is such a happy work one (I only assume it’s for work because of the jacket, but I could be very very wrong). Plus I’m glad that your new bag is getting so much exposure. Have I mentioned I love it yet? I have? Well, I’m gonna do it again. I’ve started to have dreams about that purse, that’s how much I love it. It may just be going on my birthday list if it’s not too expensive. 🙂


  2. (but possibly in another color, because I’d like you and I to stay unique, after all)

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