Stripes: Some Days Day 11

Somedays you forget to wear shoes.

Somedays you find links like this and you feel more normal (maybe that’s just me, but sometimes seeing that people loved to take ridiculous animal pictures 140 years ago when film was super expensive makes me feel so much better about the 70 pictures I have on my computer of my dog wearing a hat).

Somedays you find Tumblrs like this that you can’t stop reading…like at all. Like seriously, I need a support group over here.

Somedays you take so many terrible self timed pictures in a row that you make this face.

Somedays you want to buy this dress more than anything ever. And somedays you’re a broke college student on a spending fast and can’t (in reality, this is more like everyday in Stripesland. But I want it nonetheless!).

Somedays you have to remember it’s ok to cut yourself a little slack and that it always works out in the end. And to give people the benefit of the doubt because when you really need something to pull through, it does. (And somedays it’s really hard to remember how to do this.)

Somedays you accidentally stop and smell the rain (this is the NW and the smell of rain currently overwhelms the smell of the flowers) and you begin praying for a huge, warm downpour complete with giant raindrops so you can just sit around and listen to the rain fall.

Somedays you wear this outfit:

Shirt: A’capella Club

Jeans: Gap

Boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear

And somedays you realize you don’t have a drawing of all your clothes in the picture so you say “whatev’s” and don’t include the hand drawings that day.

ALSO! In response to Miss Sequin’s post… heck yes I gave her a hard time. She was totes the one who wanted to stop spending money during this experiment and just this last weekend was quoted as saying “I can match anything with anything else”.  So yes, my judge face is on. 😛


10 responses to “Stripes: Some Days Day 11

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  2. Pshh I can *still* match any article of clothing with any other article of clothing in my closet. I take your judge face and I give you a hipster “Hmph!” face! ❤

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  6. Stumbled across your blog and it’s so cute! Awesome representing your acapella club! =)

    Check out my $50 Shabby Apple Gift card GIVEAWAY!

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

    • Awww thanks, a’capella is seriously all of my social life outside of this blog…lol. So, despite how little of it you may see on here, I spend pretty much all the rest of my time repping it.

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