Stripes: I’m Tellin’ Ya Day 10

I’m tellin’ ya, some days mono sucks a lot more than others. Today I woke up late for class (whoops, but hey now I only had one and its the biggest class I’ve taken in 4 years and the prof puts a video of the lecture online after every class so I wasn’t all that concerned. Also, those videos are somehow 100xs more interesting than being there in the flesh…not really sure why.) and so I decided to just just go back to sleep because I only had one, one hour lecture class today. I ended up sleeping, on top of my blankets where I passed out last night before I even washed my face (I know, hot mess right here), for about 12 hours. Yikes! I know, I’m a hot mess who can’t stop sleeping!

Oh yes, I had to Captain Morgan that flower pot.

And then all day today, I’ve feel terrible, like I’m back in mono square one. Like I said, I’m tellin’ ya! Mono seriously sucks some days (although, on an AMAZING side of things, I’ve been less allergic to stuff! I accidentally ate palm oil and yeast and barely had a tummy ache and then had pho which in the past has required Benadryl afterwards (I had a serious craving) and felt absolutely no pain! This is so awesome…also, a potential cause of my mini-relapse today. Whatev’s though, I regret nothing).

So to cheer myself up (and make it through the day), I’ve been indulging my fun seeking side a little more than usual in the following ways:

-Skipping class. I actually have had either perfect attendance or missed no more than one single day per quarter for 99% of my college career and had perfect attendance through most of high school…so this is kind of a big deal for me.

-Bought gluten free granola and lots of guacamole and another artichoke (I know, it’s becoming a addiction if you read our twitter you’d know just how many artichokes I’ve been eating).

-Listening to all the chilled out guitar and mandolin music my heart desires. Thank you Nickel Creek, Hem, and City and Colour for being there for me when I need you most.

-Reading the latest issue of Cosmo (it surprised me in the mail last night!).

-And I broke out this jean jacket. I got it years ago on clearance at Old Navy and I only wear it a few times per year (in case you were wondering, it’s because it is a  size too big so it looks weird when I have to button it) and I always get compliments on the beading in the back when it gets to see the light of day. So, what better way to distract the world from my ailing body than wear my secret weapon jacket?


Jacket: Old Navy

Dress: A&E

Leggings: The Loft Outlet

Boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear

Thanks for listening to (reading?) my little pity party. Mono has seriously dominated my life today so hopefully I will have something more uplifting to share with you tomorrow.

Anyone else have mono right now? What about feeling like crap? Feel free to share, misery loves company :P. Anyone else love artichokes as much as me?


2 responses to “Stripes: I’m Tellin’ Ya Day 10

  1. Hi Stripes!
    I’m really hoping that you recover from your mono quickly. I’ve never had it before, but have had many friends who have and I heard it’s pretty lame.
    The beading on the back of the jacket is pretty amazing!
    Also, regarding artichokes: they are delicious. Unfortunately, I don’t get to eat them too often because they’re sort of a luxury in my household. Like brand-name toilet paper.
    Anyhow, have you ever tried the artichoke at the Outback Steakhouse? The dips that come with it are extremely addicting. I highly recommend it.

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