Stripes: Sunny, Sunny Days, Day 9

The weather up here has been amazing for the last several days (read: no rain and above 60!) and it (so naively) feels like it’s never going to end. The sun always makes me feel happy, in control, and successful. Kind of werd, yes, but hey, I am kinda weird so it’s only fitting. It’s really just amazing how far a little sun goes in making life seem so much more awesome. BUT the sun *did* get in the way of me taking pictures this morning…

Exhibit A:

As you can see, this is a rediculously bright picture. So I tried to counter act it and got this:

Exhibit B:

Super dark. Sweet. So I ended waiting until after I got out of class and the sun had some time to chill out (and move) to get this:


Sweater & Shirt: Target

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Toms

Anyone else having amazing sunshine?! Isn’t life more awesome when it’s sunny out? Or, if you prefer the rain, wanna trade lives for a little while, like seriously, I would LOVE you forever (and you would probably adore the Great Northwest!).

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