Sequins 30 for 30: Things I’ve Learned

  1. I’m really addicted to classic video games (a la Playstation 1 and Ninetendo 64)
  2. I’m ready for my hair to be pony tail length (I can kind of do it, but it looks so silly right now!)
  3. My roommate is hand’s down my favorite person in the world.
  4. I love salads best with hard boiled eggs thrown into them

…. Oh is this not the list you were expecting? Honestly, I don’t have a deep, reflective review of the first week for the 30 for 30 challenges. It’s reaffirmed things I know about myself–I’m comfortable (some will say too comfortable) remixing my clothes. I flaunt the rules with color and pattern mixing. I don’t believe in matching. I have too many clothes. I like variety.

Overall, though, I miss the clothes I’m not allowed to use. Not being able to spend money on clothes has been a very refreshing and freeing reality check. My 30 for 30 choices were a mixture of clothes I absolutely love and clothes I’m not quite sure I want to keep in my wardrobe anymore, so it’s been a good process of weeding out the bad apples. It also made me remember how much I love this dorky, weird vest!

I hope I don’t end up getting any slack for this confession, but here goes: I’m not remotely religious. However, Stripes and I agreed this was a perfect Easter Sunday outfit. I think it’s spot on for the sunny weather we’ve had! Although since it’s still hovering around 45′, perhaps a sweater is also necessary, hmm? I added my yellowish green sweater when I took this outfit to the grocery store. Man alive I’m happy with the sun out, though!

Vest: Thrifted/ Tank: Sojourner/ Skirt: 36Point5/ Shoes: Seychelles/ Hat & Most Bracelets: Mi Shoes/ Sunglasses: F21

After the photo shoot, Monsieur and I went grocery shopping for ingredients to make an epic salad (spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumber & hard boiled eggs with balsamic vinegrette on top, YUM!), and then we went for some driving practice. Have I mentioned I hate driving? Because I do. Especially stick. I killed the car four times in a row, almost started crying (I’m a total baby, I know, but it’s stressful. And it made horrible noises). Then I reigned it in, drove around the parking lot and then… are you ready for this??

I took the car on the road. That’s right. For a full ten seconds, I was driving on a public road. I shifted to second and everything. It was intense. I did it twice, actually, and the first time I killed the car when I tried turning back into the parking lot. Super awkward, but the road we were on was 99% deserted. So we lived.

Monsieur rewarded me with my most favoritest thing ever–Spyro 2. Oh my god I forgot how much I love those games! I just completed the first Spyro game the previous day, so we went and bought Spryo 2 on the Playstation 3. Guess how productive I’ve been today…

Except I’m off for some Disc Golf at the park! I’m sure I’ll have a full update for that later.


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